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DT 26223

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26223

A full review by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Although there are a number of weakish clues, this prize puzzle is not too bad.


1a    Chart second half of photo (5)
GRAPH – this chart is the second half of photoGRAPH

4a    I am past the adult stage (5)
IMAGO – I’M with AGO (past) gives the adult stage of an insect

10a    Very riotous sort of person who is highly skilled (8)
VIRTUOSO – V(ery) with an anagram (sort) of RIOTOUS gives a highly-skilled person

11a    Unimportant person coming from jet (6)
SQUIRT – a double definition

12a    King from Borneo (6)
OBERON – the King of the Fairies is an anagram (from) of BORNEO

13a    Crack above the forehead (8)
HAIRLINE – a double definition

14a    Saint not going beyond another saint (7)
SWITHIN – a S(aint) is followed by WITHIN (not going beyond) to get another saint – note that both S and ST can be used as abbreviations of Saint

16a    Australian food from school shop about to be returned (6)
TUCKER – an Australian word for food comes from TUCK shop and RE (about) reversed (to be returned)

17a    Not a goer in the race? (6)
STAYER – a cryptic definition of an animal (especially a horse or greyhound) of good staying qualities for a race

19a    Monkey appearing in section of wall (7)
PARAPET – put a n APE (monkey) inside a PART (section) to get a wall

21a    Be certain to do this (4,4)
MAKE SURE – a semi-cryptic definition

22a    Singular physical exercise in short coat (6)
JERKIN – physical exercises can be described as JERKs, take one of them and add IN to get a short coat

23a    Second turn I included might be screened (1-5)
B-MOVIE – a second turn could be a B MOVE – insert I for a film that might be screened

24a    Searching examination, it’s acted out (4,4)
ACID TEST – a searching examination is an anagram (out) of IT’S ACTED

25a    Reference section on hand (5)
INDEX – a part-cryptic double definition

26a    Letters of credit helped the lady (5)
EDITH – hidden inside (letters of) crEDIT Helped is the name of a lady


2d    Track British-American coach (7)
RAILBUS – combine a track for a train with B(ritish) and US (American) to get a railway coach

3d    Dad’s holiday? (9,5)
PATERNITY LEAVE – a gently cryptic definition that seems to have fooled many

5d    Bird’s short time with another heron (7)
MOORHEN – this bird is built up from MO (short time) with an anagram (another) of HERON

6d    Talk covering healthier worker in a fuel industry (3,6)
GAS FITTER – a charade of GAS (talk) and FITTER (healthier) gives a worker in a fuel industry

7d    One is stupid to continue (4)
GOON – a stupid person can be split as GO ON (continue)

8d    People with pride sit fidgeting showing unselfish interest (6-8) animal (esp a horse or greyhound) of good lasting or staying qualities for a race
PUBLIC SPIRITED – combine PUBLIC (people) with an anagram (fidgeting) of PRIDE SIT to an expression meaning showing unselfish interest

9d    Third degree sunburn? (6)
BRONZE – a double definition – third in a race and sunburn

15d    Agatha’s man linked to article of extraordinary power (9)
HERCULEAN – combine HERCULE Poirot with the indefinite article to get a word meaning of extraordinary power

18d    Upsetting experience in Sumatra strangely headed off (6)
TRAUMA – this upsetting experience is an anagram (strangely) of (S)UMATRA without the first letter (headed off) – as I mentioned last Saturday, this clue doesn’t work properly as the first letter needs to be removed before resolving the anagram

19d    Before wise man reveals foreboding (7)
PRESAGE – combine PRE (before) and SAGE (wise man) to get a foreboding

20d    Look-alike arranged matching clothes (7)
TWINSET – combine TWIN (look-alike) and SET (arranged) to get matching clothes

22d    Bird to suffer after beginning of July (4)
JAIL – time in prison (Cockney slang – bird lime / time) is constructed from AIL (suffer) after J (beginning of July) – it is possible to say “12-years jail” to describe a sentence, so this may just about work

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  1. I’m sure I must be being thick but the answer to 3d doesn’t seem to be the right number of letters. I seem to remember having paternity leave in for that which obviously doesn’t make sense as I think the rest worked….

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