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NTSPP – 011 Comments

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 011

A Puzzle by Anax

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Welcome to the eleventh in our series of weekly puzzles.

Anax makes his first appearance after his debut in the FT this week.  Three down and two to go!

The puzzle by Anax is available by clicking here:

NTSPP - 011

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A reminder – today (Saturday) is the last day that you can access Anax’s Indy puzzle from a week ago – http://www.independent.co.uk/extras/puzzles/crosswords/cryptic/

14 comments on “NTSPP – 011 Comments

  1. Many thanks to Anax for fine but gentle crossword – squarely within the Telegraph mould – if that is the style you were aiming for.

    Favourite clues were 10a, 17a, 24a, 4d and 7d and 14.

  2. Thanks for this Anax. I do look forward to the NTSPP!
    Maybe I’ll get further with this than I did with the Loroso puzzle.

  3. Very enjoyable. Am really pleased to be keeping up with all my crosswords whilst on holiday. Thank heavens for the internet!

  4. Love the interactive format but having got the answers I don’t see how they relate to the clues. For instance what has outshine to do with the clue in 13a and why Carry for 11a, just don’t see the connection.

    1. 13a If you’re the best you outshine the rest. It’s an anagram (worried) of HE IS NOT around U(niversity).
      11a. A shop will carry a line of stock. It’s CAR followed by the usual abbreviation for railway.

      1. Ah I see, didn’t pick up the anagram indicator, thx for the explanation. Incidentally do you know why the site no longer holds name and email address?

        1. The details used to be stored in a cookie. As far as I am aware nothing has changed, so I don’t know why it has stopped happening.

  5. I am still struggling with this :(.
    Some excellent clues here. I enjoyed 5d and the penny-drop moment on 24a was lovely!
    Won’t give up yet …

  6. Had to have something to occupy me while waiting for myc ar to be serviced so started (and finished) this.

    Nice puzzle – thanks Anax. I liked 5d, 19a and especially 24a – made me smile.

  7. Thanks again Anax. I have resorted to the interactive version to find out the ones I couldn’t get (only 4!)
    Really enjoyed it!

  8. Straightforward compared to some Anax puzzles, but I wonder about a couple of points. Before those though, the fact that if you’re best you outshine someone else isn’t enough for “best” to mean “outshine” – an adjective can’t define a verb. We need another meaning of “best” – to be better than someone else, normally in some kind of contest. Equating that with ‘outshine’ is difficult but OK for me. Likewise Oliver as play rather than specifically musical – you think “No it’s a musical!” but then have to concede that a musical is a kind of play.

    My two niggles are: 28A, where the cryptic reading is arguably “Players need the writer has direction”, which doesn’t make sense, though “{def} wants {wordplay}” and “{charade component} has {other charade component}” are both fair on their own. 1D I didn’t like “Film starts with ….” when the meaning is “Film starts of ….”

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