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DT 26217

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26217

A full analysis by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***

The usual mix of good and not-so-good, but continuing the steady improvement.


1a    Hurt mother long time afterwards (6)
DAM – a word meaning to hurt is a charade of a DAM (mother, usually of cattle, horses, etc.)and AGE (long time)

4a    Features informal greeting (4-4)
CHIN-CHIN – both features are chins – put them together and you get an informal greeting

9a    Against nameless authorised official becoming devoted adherent (6)
VOTARY – combine V (versus / against) and (N)OTARY (authorised official) without the N (Nameless) to get a devoted adherent

10a    One initially nominates wizard lacking professional skill (8)
INEXPERT – start with I (one) and N (initially Nominates) and add an EXPERT (wizard) to get someone who is lacking professional skill – basically this defines an opposite by prefixing with IN-

12a    Not very fast-moving toadies (8)
CRAWLERS – a double definition

13a    Beer jar first contains refuse from grain distillery (6)
POTALE – start with ALE ( beer and put a jar that could be used for beer in front of it to get refuse from grain distillery

15a    Local salesman recollected that it was limited in size and scope (2,1,5,5)
ON A SMALL SCALE – recollected is the rather unusual indicator that an anagram of LOCAL SALESMAN is required to get a phrase meaning limited in size and scope

18a    Roof expenses? (8,5)
OVERHEAD COSTS – a cryptic definition

22a    Administration of incomplete diet (6)
REGIME – an administration that comes from REGIME(N) (diet) without the final letter (incomplete)

24a    It’s angry splashing in the water … (8)
STINGRAY – an anagram, indicated by splashing, of IT’S ANGRY gives something found in the water

26a    … danger to swimming fish (8)
DRAGONET – an anagram, indicated by swimming, of DANGER TO gives another fish

27a    Moisture to surround hanging skin (6)
DEWLAP – a charade of DEW (moisture) and LAP (surround) leads to the pendulous skin under the throat of cattle, dogs, etc. (hanging skin)

28a    Working free not, we hear, with this (4,4)
REEF KNOT – an anagram (working) of FREE followed by a word that sounds like (we hear) not gives a knot that won’t work free

29a    Albert returned a hat made of silken wool (6)
ALPACA – AL (the shortened form of Albert) is followed by A and CAP (hat) both reversed to get a silken wool made from an animal related to the llama


1d    Scheme to suppress depravity? (6)
DEVICE – if you read this scheme as DE-VICE it could mean to suppress depravity – it doesn’t mean that, hence the question mark

2d    Gas encircling same drug (9)
METHADONE – put METHANE (gas) around (encircling) DO (ditto / same) to get a heroin substitute (drug) – a common crossword ploy is to use DO (ditto) for same

3d    Ape or alligator not at play (7)
GORILLA – this ape is an anagram (play) of ALLIG(AT)OR without AT (not at)

5d    Chase number entering outbuilding (4)
HUNT – a chase is formed by putting N(umber) inside (entering) HUT (outbuilding)

6d    Number ten having debts that are deleterious (7)
NOXIOUS – a charade of NO (number) X (ten in Roman numerals) and IOUS (debts) gives a word meaning deleterious

7d    Expression of surprise about longing to find this animal (5)
HYENA – put HA (an expression of surprise) around YEN (longing) to get this animal

8d    Talked idly when MP left new department (8)
NATTERED – a word meaning talked idly comes from an anagram (new) of DE(P)ART(M)ENT without the letters of MP – technically incorrect as MP is being removed from the result of the anagram rather than from the fodder

11d    Melted tarmac runs under vehicle (7)
TRAMCAR – an anagram (melted) of TARMAC is followed by R(uns) to get this vehicle

14d    Pacify Troy entering refurbished palace (7)
PLACATE – a word meaning to pacify results from putting T (Troy, as in weight) inside (entering) an anagram (refurbished) of PALACE

16d    State Victoria’s location (9)
AUSTRALIA – the state in which the state of Victoria is located!

17d    Pleasure for jockey — one driving illegally (8)
JOYRIDER – combine JOY (pleasure) and RIDER (jockey) to get one driving illegally

19d    Plant fastening mechanism underneath border (7)
HEMLOCK – a poisonous plant is a charade of a LOCK (fastening mechanism) underneath (as this is a down clue) HEM (border)

20d    Long fish beached? (4,3)
SAND EEL – this long fish sounds as if it could be found on the beach

21d    With this one is unable to take the long view (6)
MYOPIA – a cryptic definition of short-sightedness

23d    Look round length having shiny exterior (5)
GLAZE – put GAZE (look) around L(ength) to get a shiny exterior

25d    Hopes once held of making money (4)
PESO – hidden inside hopes once is a currency used by many South American countries

As Saturday Prize puzzles go, this wasn’t too bad.

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  1. Hi Big Dave

    Thanks for the review. I agree that Saturday is getting better month by month which is good. I find the Saturday puzzle quite enjoyable now.

    On Saturdays I now look forward to Cephas in the DT and Cincinnus or Cinephile or Mudd in the FT – both are an enjoyable way to spend some time on a Saturday.

    Big Dave I was wondering what you think of FT puzzles (particularly now that our very own Anax is a compiler)? I really like them.

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