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Cryptic Crossword Survey

Cryptic Crossword Survey

Follow Up

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Kathryn Friedlander has sent the following message:

Thanks for all your help with the survey launch: it all went very smoothly. We’re very pleased indeed with the response: 420 completed returns to date (we were keeping our fingers crossed for 250…).  Best of all is that 179 of these respondents said they would like to help us again in future, so we are hoping that we didn’t annoy too many people with the length of the survey (it *is* long)!

We’ll keep you in touch with the results of the survey as they unfold.  Meanwhile, would it be possible to put a brief note out to your readers passing on our sincere thanks? (The survey is still open, too, for anyone who missed the boat over Easter.)

Very best wishes


If you would still like to take part, you can do so from the original post here