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DT 26206 – Problem with CluedUp

The blog will be a little late this morning due to, surprise, surprise, problems on CluedUp!
[BTW I can now access the site]

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      1. 21a, although it would make sense if it was pluralised.
        28a, would make sense if it contained an apostrophe rather than the plural of this voice.
        29a/26d, no idea, too obscure.

        1. Geoff, Think if the river to the afterlife for 29a. For 21a think of the 7 days which make up this week.
          However, like you 28a and 26d are mysteries.

                1. Oops very sorry, misread your post thought it was 24a DOH!!!
                  21a is a very clever clue in my opinion. The plural of the second word are often referred to as the HIGH ***S and the first word is the opposite of shallow

                  1. I think I’ve got answer but can’t see wordplay.
                    Why does more than one become high?

          1. Thanks Barrie. 29a sorted, although I’m not up on Greek mythology, but mr google knows everything.

        2. Geoff
          29a is a river (flower) from classical mythology, and it sounds like a word for clings.
          26d is a flower which symbolises death and purity, though I don’t know where Irish Republicans come into it.

                1. Republicans wear the Easter lily as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the Easter rising.

  1. I don’t subscribe to clued up and what I’ve read here does not make me want to subscribe.

    I did buy a paper today and have yet to solve a clue. Maybe I’ll look in later for some help. :)

    1. Welcome to the blog Martin

      1d Hands up for those wanting change (4)
      Think of the hands of animals, and reverse the word

      29 Classic flower clings to the ear (4)
      The river in Greek mythology which formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld sounds like (to the ear) a word meaning clings

      1. Thanks Dave. Despite mentally hammering myself with the alternative flower I somehow overlook it. Also sometimes the four letter answers I find the most difficult even though when you review the actual answers they are pretty obvious.

        Otherwise enjoyed a festive procession and found the rest straightforward.

  2. I’m getting a bit frustrated by the Clueup site. I’m unable to ring the Telegraph, e-mails are not answered and there is no explanation from the Telegraph as to when problems might be rectified. I gather things are still not back to normal, and the Leader board and points system don’t seem to be functioning. This is a pretty appalling service especially as we have to pay for the privilege of using it.

  3. Another frustrating morning, getting on to Clued Up, but enjoyed the crossword when the site finally came back to life. It always seems easier when there’s a theme as you can use a bit of guesswork if you get stuck.

  4. Well I finished it in just under the hour but can’t understand how some clues work-namely 6a 10a 21a 24a and 26d
    It was nice to finish without having to resort to your excellent tips for once though.

  5. Agee -29a and 26d have foxed me good and proper apart from that all done-nice festive x/word

  6. I have solved about half of this without any effort but I’m totally stuck on the other half. Several of the clues rely on 24a “Sounding completly muted, this period is acutally very sacred” (4,4) . No crossing letters so far and while it may have something to do with Easter, I have no idea what it is.

    1. 24a – first word sounds like wholly. I don’t think this clue works, however, as I don’t think muted is synonymous with weak!

  7. For once, I really shot through this one, only to get stuck on 26d, which I only solved after much research on the internet. Despite its commendable topicality, not a particulary entertaining puzzle, but I did like 29a.

  8. Ah at last got 30a, its really been bugging me :-)
    BUT got a mental block for 6a, should be easy but what has it got to do with gin?

  9. Big Dave, I can not see Clued Up’s reliability improving until sufficient subscibers to it send in complaint Emails to the Telegraph, and ask for replies to their complaints, that should keep them busy for a few days!.

    1. Complaints seem to make no difference. You just get that annoying automated reply.

      1. Hi Fallingstarr, I got a reply the last time I complained as I asked them for a response to my complaint ASAP.

  10. If you really want problems, try The Times Crossword Club. (My Husband’s Crosswords)In fact I was thinking the clueless moron that was setting up their site at weekends and holidays, may have been sacked and moved to The Telegraph….I haven’t had problems with Clued Up before this weekend.

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