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DT 26199

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26199

A full analysis by Big Dave

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One of the most difficult aspects of any cryptic crossword is the definition. Often the setter’s idea of a synonym is somewhat different from yours. See what you think about 4a, 24a, 5d and 17d – with better definitions this would probably be 4* rather than 3*.


4a    Recording chap changing gear (8)
COVERAGE – recording is a rather weak definition – combine COVE (chap) with an anagram, indicated by changing, of GEAR

8a    River rose perhaps (6)
FLOWER – a double definition – Crosswordland’s synonym for a river and a plant

9a    Purist interminably struggling in middle of night during rebellion (8)
UPRISING – an anagram (struggling) of most (interminably) of PURIS(T) is followed by IN and G (middle of niGht) to get a word meaning rebellion

10a    Soundly interrogate Heather, collaborator (8)
QUISLING – combine QUIS (sounds like quiz / soundly interrogate) with LING (heather without the capital letter) to get this collaborator

11a    Abnormal interest not in the way (6)
STREET – an anagram (abnormal) of (IN)TEREST without the first two letters (not IN) gives this way

12a    Some outline area starting in Asia (4,4)
NEAR EAST – hidden inside (some) outline area starting is a part of Asia

13a    I am at Alabama port stationary (8)
IMMOBILE – combine I’M (I am) with a port in Alabama (which coincidentally came up in Toughie – T 326) to get a word meaning stationary

16a    Jo back to replace foot and knee covering (8)
JACKBOOT – an anagram (replace) of JO BACK TO gives an item of footwear that covers the foot and the knee

19a    Not easy to remove middle part of rubble (4-4)
HARD-CORE – a charade of “not easy” and “to remove middle part” gives a name for some rubble

21a    Kay is satisfied with fate (6)
KISMET – word-sum time – K (Kay) + IS + MET (satisfied) = fate

23a    Support with evidence record in detail (8)
DOCUMENT – if you split this clue “support with evidence” and “record in detail” you have a double definition

24a    New situation in Rugby perhaps (4,4)
BALL GAME – an unsatisfactory double definition- the phrase is “a whole new ball game”

25a    Fatter storeroom? (6)
LARDER – a double definition

26a    Where rep stood out? (8)
DOORSTEP – a cryptic definition of where the Betterwear man used to stand with his suitcase when he called at your house


1d    Book in French — ‘L’Oeuf Blanc’ (7)
ALBUMEN – combine a book for storing photographs or stamps with the French for “in” to get the white of an egg – having the pseudo-definition being in French is un hareng rouge

2d    Astonished by pronounced success of prospector (9)
AWESTRUCK – sounds like ore struck – pronounced success of prospector

3d    Endlessly racing round a plant (6)
ARNICA – an anagram (round) of RACIN(G) without its final letter (endlessly) together with A gives a plant, a tincture of the flowers of which is applied to sprains and bruises

4d    Batsman who is all at sea might be (6,2,3,4)
CAUGHT IN THE DEEP – a part-cryptic double definition

5d    Verse may be translated exactly as before (4,4)
VERY SAME – an anagram (translated) of VERSE MAY gives a phrase that loosely means exactly (the same) as before

6d    One going up found on the stairs (5)
RISER – a double definition

7d    Affectedly stylish fellow takes fish (7)
GENTEEL – a word meaning affectedly stylish is a charade of a fellow and a fish

14d    Shooting case? (3,6)
BOX CAMERA – a cryptic definition of, for example, a Kodak Brownie

15d    (A)bridge (8)
CONTRACT – a clever double definition – to abridge or the game of contract bridge

17d    In an excited way when dealing with notes (7)
AGITATO – a cryptic definition of this musical term that would also seem to fit ANIMATO – agitato was accepted by CluedUp!

18d    Medal had finally darkened in the sun (7)
BRONZED – medal had could be said as medal’d which is equivalent to bronze’d which then leads to a word meaning darkened in the sun

20d    Remember to visit again (6)
RECALL – a double definition

22d    Man caught short going over river is middle-distance runner (5)
MILER – start with MILE(S) (man) and remove the last letter (caught short) and then add R(iver) to get a middle-distance runner, like Roger Bannister or Seb Coe

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Another of the new, improved Saturday puzzles – keep it up Cephas!

5 comments on “DT 26199

  1. Many thanks BD!

    There were a number of clues where I didn’t understand how the answer worked – this is a great help. Thanks to Cephas for an enjoyable puzzle.

  2. BD,
    Strictly speaking the french phrase you used in 1d doesn’t exist, and the english variant should translate to “faux probleme” :-)

      1. BD,
        Noted, Its interesting to compare and contrast some phrases that are used both in French and English touch wood for example, and many others that are not.

  3. 17d

    As you say ANIMATO would fit, and I think it fits the clue better in that agitation is not always due to excitement. I too eventually checked it on Cluedup, which made me think about the point of having a competition where you can find out some, it not all, of the answers before the entry date. At least this web site only gives hints to some of the clues.

    Harry Shipley

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