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ST 2527

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2527

A full analysis by Peter Biddlecombe

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment *****

Sorry for lateness of this report – lost copy and had to resolve. The usual elegant but not too difficult Sunday outing, with some special bits to note.

1 Noted mountaineer, perhaps, disoriented after losing head (6)
SHERPA = Anag. of (p)ERHAPS – I think the idea is that the Sherpas as a race are noted for mountaineering skills, rather than any reference to the man who should be known as Tenzing Norgay – “Sherpa Tenzing” is the equivalent of “Solver Biddlecombe”.
4 Disorder yet for a university that’s said to let another person go (5,3)
AFTER YOU = anag. of (yet for a), then U=university
10 Luggage both Holmes and Watson had to handle (5)
CASES – effectively 2 defs, though a “which” or similar after “luggage” is left for you to work out.
11 One serving American in fancy launch (9)
ORIGINATE – (I=one, G.I. = “serving American), in ORNATE=fancy. Very easy to see a different structure here, as “one serving American” needs breaking into the right pieces, and “fancy launch” has to be split too.
12 King, one leader of crusades with considerable force (7)
RICHARD – R= rex = king,1,C from Crusades,HARD = “with considerable force” – an all-in-one
13 Corruptly earning, as relative, in second spell (7)
GRANNIE = anag. of ‘earning’ and alternative to ‘granny’
14 Quit old scene, excited about wonderful holiday (5,2,7)
LEAVE OF ABSENCE – LEAVE=quit,O,FAB=wonderful,SENCE=anag. of scene
17 Rate of inspiration given chance to pause (9,5)
BREATHING SPACE = “chance to pause”, and other def “rate of inspiration” = “breathing’s pace” – the old “move the word break by one space” trick
21 Judge a river fish popular with anglers (7)
ARBITER – A,R=river,BITER = fish popular with anglers
23 Bold and belligerent Duke (7)
FOWARD – FOR WAR = belligerent, D=duke
24 Fictional work and its author – with bad grammar and spelling (9)
WHODUNNIT = the work, and Molesworthian conversion of “who did it?”
25 Group of museums provided by monarch such as King Edward (5)
TATER = “such as King Edward” – TATE = group of Museums, R = rex/regina = monarch
26 Son, I’m perturbed about frantic and unsettled lifestyle (8)
NOMADISM – MAD = frantic, in anag. of “Son, I’m”
27 Girl’s fruit that’s selectively picked (6)
CHERRY – 2 defs, one referring to “cherry-picking”
1 Without question, holding leaders of evil conspiracy in custody (8)
SECURELY = “in custody” – EC from first letters of words, in SURELY=”without question”
2 Undemanding academic position that comfortably supports one (4,5)
EASY CHAIR – EASY=undemanding, CHAIR=academic position (or you can read the clue happily as two defs, the first a bit whimsical)
3 Attain a certain maturity in section of text (7)
PASSAGE = PASS AGE = “attain a certain maturity” – I don’t know “attain” as a def. for pass, so I’m taking “pass age” as a two word phrase as in “he’s just passed the age of majority”.
5 Perks from head of firm being free isn’t unusual (6,8)
FRINGE BENEFITS – F(irm), anag. of “being free isn’t”
6 Kind of state making me upset and angry (7)
EMIRATE – EM = reversal of me, IRATE
7 Long for restoration, finally, after period of revolution (5)
YEARN – YEAR = period of revolution (of the earth around the sun), N from restoratioN
8 Rough, like number of players in football or rugby team? (6)
UNEVEN – as the 11 (football), 13 or 15 (rugby League/Union) teams are all odd=unieven numbers
9 Stronghold destroyed with fire in epic story (4,2,3,5)
LORD OF THE RINGS – anag. of “stronghold, fire” – as far as I can tell, the only fire in the books is at the Cracks of Doom at the very end, so I don’t think there’s a reference to a particular stronghold. But I’m happy to be corrected by those who read the books more recently than I did.
15 Type A, for example (9)
CHARACTER – triple def – “type”, “A for example”, and “type A, for example” – Type A being a personality type in psychology
16 Lovingly making proposal to heartless lady (8)
TENDERLY – TENDER = proposal, L(ad)Y
18 Something we hear about tango on radio is surprise (7)
ASTOUND = surprise (verb here, noun in the surface reading). T=tango (radio alphabet), in A SOUND = “something we hear” – for once “we hear” is not a homophone signal
19 Insignificant injury is no handicap (7)
SCRATCH – 2 defs
20 Euphemism about Test side, initially, in Australian city (6)
DARWIN – W.I. = West Indies = test side, in DARN = euphemism (for “damn”).
22 Flourish report about learner (5)
BLOOM – L = learner, in BOOM = report = loud noise