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NTSPP – 003

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 003

Home in the North West by Radler

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This is the third in a series of additional weekend puzzles.

This week we have a puzzle from Radler.   Anax pointed him in the direction of the Alberich site (see the sidebar) and you will discover two more of his puzzles there.  We are very pleased to be publishing a third puzzle by this setter.

As with last week’s puzzle, this one has a theme.  You are strongly recommended to read the preamble as this explains that certain clues have only wordplay and lack definition.  The solving of 29,27 and 12,32 are key to the solving of the whole puzzle.

This themed puzzle by Radler is available here

Next week we have a brand new puzzle from Anax -not one recycled from the Independent!

Feel free to leave comments about this puzzle (preferably on-topic!).

32 comments on “NTSPP – 003

  1. As advised I read the preamble – at least if that was the sentence just above the grid then I did – now could some very kind soul put it in simpler terms for me if possible – sorry to display such ignorance – but very much looking forward to NTSPP today and cant get started! Have placed my self in the corner! For, to me at least, many fine reasons, my Saturday paper is the Guardian but on a Sat. the setter is Araucaria which rules out me doing that puzzle!! so am so pleased to have found Big D’s blog and especially the NTSPP which didnt seem anything like so confusing last Saturday. Is it me? p.s. I know the answer to that last question – merely rhertorical.
    Looking forward to enlightenment with thanks in advance

    1. Sarah

      In simpler terms, first solve 29,27. This gives you the shape (27,29) of the other two-part answers. The second parts of all of those answers are connected to 32, the second part of 12,32. Note also the title of the puzzle, which is itself a hint.

    2. Hi Sarah – perhaps the problem is that I enjoy Araucaria!
      I won’t drop any more hints about the theme just yet, but you might want to try some of the simpler clues first, such as 6ac and 3dn. Then 2dn & 8dn are anagrams.

    3. Sarah – if you want to try another way in, you could look at 2d, 4d, then 3d. These seem to be more obviously structured clues. This may lead you to work out 1a. 8d is also a good clue to get the NE corner started.

      1. Many thanks everyone – I’m going in again now – pencil (def. not pen) at the ready! you are all most kind.

        1. Yey! finally got one – what a relief – nearly crying into tea for a min. Got 8d and confident enough to use pen!

            1. Thank you for the encouragement Tilly…but…. one hour on and only 5 clues solved … think I’m going to have to let this one go before I scream :cry:

              1. Sarah – I can give you hints for some specific clues if you wish. Let me know the ones you think would help most

                1. That’s very kind – dont really want to give up – just being pathetic. Thank goodness going to concert of Bach music tonight to sooth fevered brow.
                  Meanwhile back at the crossword – I am wondering if comic is old magazine or entertainer from years back – those two words would give me a few letters.
                  I’m thinking 18d.. perhaps an anagram clue? – 1d is beyond me but am intrigued! and although I have read and re-read Big D’s hint about 15d i am still in a tizz!

                  1. 26,1 is an anagram, though you have to remove 1 letter (given by mega) and the anagram fodder includes a hint of the solution – your second idea is the right one.
                    18d is made up of 3 parts, only 1 of which is an anagram
                    1d has a homophone of a word meaning “man” that is connected with letters or post.

                    1. Right, thank you Radler. I think i’ve got to the bottom of Sir Andrew tho can’t quite get the significance of “season”. I was nearly there with 1d after all tho what I had come up with might have caused a chuckle – racking my brains now for the comic – I may be too young! ahem! will struggle on – is 22d a name from the bible or am i completely off course? Its amazing what comes to mind and will fit but cant seem to be right :smile:

                    2. “Season” is a definition of the word formed by 3 of the first 4 letters of the solution. 22d is not a name, but is defined by “one who gives” and broken down as Year + the first + wise man.

                    3. Many thanks for all your help today – couple more entered – a tough one for me but that’s life – off now to hear some sublime Bach – just the antidote!

                2. Its just occurred to me that I have begun to look more and more like my avatar over the last hour of two – that vacant look!

  2. What a journey! 26a/1a came first and brought back wonderful memories. I guessed 15d from my general knowledge, but can’t work the answer back to the clue. Any help, please?

    Thanks, Radler, for a great workout. Favourite 20d.

    By the way, the number of letters in 12/32 should read 4,9 not 4,8.

    1. Tilly

      Split Sir Andrew as 4,5 then take the turn out of the first part (then put it all back together in reverse order as they say in those infuriating instruction manuals)!!

      Thanks for pointing out the enumeration error – we both missed it.

  3. No printer available today until I get a couple of new cartridges, so have had to leave this one for now. BD – I recall that last week’s NTSPP was interactive – and this is not in any way a moan, because I totally appreciate what a hell of a lot of work it is to prepare and put out these things, and it really is most appreciated – just wondered why not today.
    Re Sarah above: Since today’s DT Cryptic was a quick but most pleasurable whizz-through, and I fancied another puzzle, I went off to the Grauniad’s free site and did Araucaria’s. It’s a very splendid themed crossword which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I would suggest that if you can tackle Radler’s above, that one should be more than approachable – particularly if you’ve already got the paper to hand.

  4. @the_chairman and The Werm
    Sorry about the current lack of an interactive version. This is partly because it was a last-minute choice of puzzle, but mainly because I haven’t invested in the tool necessary to create the interactive version. Is anyone connected with the site able to help?

    1. Radler – I have the software – crossword compiler, that creates the interactive version. When I have done the crossword (or if judging by your previous two, I will see if I can get it on line (or if BD send me the original version I can have a go!)

      1. I was going to ask if you could help,but other, non-blog, matters have taken up a lot of my time this week. Will email it to you after I have applied some late clue changes.

    1. Very many thanks for all your efforts (yourself/Radler/BD) – hope it can just hover there in cyberspace for a little while, as I won’t be able to devote the time it looks like will be required, based on some of the above comments, until late tomorrow or Monday. No Toughie on Monday, so perhaps after one of Rufus’s elegant brain-warmers I might be ready…………

  5. Whew this is tricky!! Thought I’d give it a go and have managed well in the top left but now really struggling. Thought I’d got 29,27 which is apparently the key to it all but realise I must be wrong have deciphered 18d. Further hints would be very well received!!
    By the way – is there an explanation of last weeks?

    1. Tricky it certainly is – I would love a bit more help with 29,27 – just a wee hint please someone. Thanks

      1. The female body part which forms a major part of the wordplay, provides nourishment to the foetus.
        Incidentally, now that the interactive version is available you can use that if you’re really stuck. It has Check, Reveal Letter and Reveal (entire clue) buttons, and a Solution button (for the entire puzzle) if you really feel like throwing in the towel.

        1. Thanks Radler! Not going to throw in the towel just yet…… and thanks for a real brain teaser :-/

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