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ScrewedUp News – Feb 06

ScrewedUp News – Feb 06

Edition 24

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Its been months (Nov 29 2009 to be exact) since we had a ScrewedUp News post. However there is one for today. On the “Home” page you have a list of puzzles, unfortunately the Quick GK (132) is last weeks.

But don’t despair you can find this Saturdays (133) if you navigate to “Crossword Puzzles” and you can now play or print Quick 133 which is really the Quick GK. The normal Quick (26157) can be accessed via the “Home” page.

If you do play the Quick GK, the maximum number of points is only 150, not the the normal 450 you would expect. Confused – I know I am!

3 comments on “ScrewedUp News – Feb 06

  1. Sorry, Libellule,

    I’m fairly new, but a fan of your hints on the main site. What do you mean by “On the home you have a list of puzzles”? Completely lost when trying to find the hints – my fault, I’m sure.

    1. shrike1313
      “Screwed Up News” is an irregular publication dealing with problems on the Telegraph “Clued Up” site. By “on the home” I think that Libellule means the home page of that site.

    2. Shrike1313,
      Apologies, as Gazza says every now and then we find a glitch on the online Telegraph puzzles site, “Clued Up”. When we find a problem we publish it as “Screwed Up” news. As I live in France I use the Clued Up site to access the crosswords on a daily basis, much cheaper and easier than trying to buy the DT (even if I could). Hopefully somebody who is responsible for the web site will read this and fix the problem. I have also amended the post to read “Home” page, as it should have done originally. BTW thanks very much for the vote of confidence :-).

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