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The Clueless Club

Big Dave announces the launch of the Clueless Club’s own Website

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To celebrate the first birthday of the blog I have set up a twitter-style blog for the present, past and aspiring members of the Clueless Club.  Feel free to use this site for anything legal, including the discussion of any crosswords, even those embargoed by this and other sites.  It’s there for you to use and enjoy.

Suggestions for changes, additions etc. can be made via the Contact page here on this site.

17 comments on “The Clueless Club

  1. Whoopee!

    I gather one will be able to make unintelligent comments here as opposed to intellectually intelligent ones.

      1. Only just seen this Dave thanks a lot, I think, hope this doesn’t mean that the CC are now excluded from partaking in the ‘intelligent’ blog ?? :)

  2. I’m obviously too stupid to join this forum as I cannot see how you post anything on the site! There only appears to be facility to reply to posts, not to initiate any. You say its a Twitter-style but never having used Twitter I have no idea what you mean.

      1. Hi Barrie, I’m on this forum and I’m semi-daft, so you can talk to me. But I do agree this could be one long, continuous, never ending, boring, everlasting thread. And hey Big Dave – don’t really know if I want a WordPress logon.

        In the meantime, very hot and steamy here today. Humidity 80%. Finished today’s cryptic. Didn’t have any favourite clues – never do. They are all favourite if I finish it. Hmmm, ok, not a lot of action here. Bedtime for me, Nightie night.

    1. Barry, Barry, Barry, why do you keep putting yourself down???? I have never twittered before either but it cant be that hard can it ????

        1. Libellule do you need to be a twit to twitter or even more qualifications, nice to see you in the CC :) please call often

      1. Mary, I’m sure it’s not hard but if you don’t know the procedures then it’s a mystery :-)
        I have asked a young friend and it appears that you post your every thought and daily movement. Mmmm sounds a bit creepy to me!
        PS Giovanni is still a closed book to me. Loved Saturdays though.

        1. maybe if we keep ‘twittering’ in crossword lingo it would be quite interesting to decipher, you know, cryptic messages? could be quite fun, i’ll leave it to you to start?? :) as I am relatively new to all this cryptic crossword thing, i am only just beginning to appreciate the different styles of different setters, just think Giovanni is only human, a very clever human doubtless, but get stuck in there, if you only do two one week and three the next thats ok, dont give up

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