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Online or Offline?

Crossworders Stay Offline Except in a Pinch

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Following a recent poll AnswerBank have issued the following press release, which I thought you would find of interest.  BD

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Crossword enthusiasts on The AnswerBank have shown an overwhelmingly preference for completing crosswords offline over online counterparts. When asked as to whether they prefer to fill in their crossword online or offline more than 90% stated their preference for offline crosswords.

Many stated the reason was situational: “online seems to clinical,” said one user while another stated there is “nothing better than to settle down of a morning with the paper and a cup of coffee.”

The AnswerBank is a UK based questions and answers site with a dedicated and very active crossword and puzzle community.

The Editor of The AnswerBank comments:

“Most of our users are here for help on that final, elusive, crossword or quiz answer. And while our users prefer to complete a puzzle offline there is a buzzing community of crossword and quiz addicts – this goes against the received wisdom that crosswords and puzzles are a solitary activity.”

Poll Information:

Where do you fill in your crossword?

Offline: 93.68%

Online: 6.32%

Total Votes: 269

12 comments on “Online or Offline?

  1. Definitely Offline for me and preferably on the actual newspaper.
    It doesn’t seem the same with a print out or photocopy, somehow!

  2. I’m one of the oddies then – probably because I spend all of my time using crossword software. I suppose it also depends on how many crossword constitute your daily diet – on Saturdays I do 4 or 5 and having that much paper in the house would doubtless be a fire risk. If I’m going out I’ll print the puzzles onto A4 and take them with me.

    The interesting thing, though, is that years ago – when I may have struggled with some solves – having other bits of the newspapers to read was sometimes a helpful diversion, allowing the brain cells to reassemble before revisiting a tricky clue. Now, with just the A4 sheets, I find it concentrates the mind far better.

    1. Yep, The back seat of my car is a bit of a fire risk at the moment – must go recycling!
      I’m getting back in to the Times again but without really being able to justify the additional £1 to buy it as well as the Telegraph I tend to nick a photocopy depending on where I am working.
      I also print out the Guardian for the train journey home.

      Weekends is Telegraph only.

      1. Might be a bit late with this, but I’ve just been informed that today The Times is GIVING AWAY FREE OF CHARGE a copy of Tim Moorey’s book “How to Master The Times Crossword” with today’s paper – in Sainsbury’s at least; no idea about other outlets.

  3. I’m usually quite happy to do the Saturday and Sunday crosswords on-line but I always ensure that I have pen and paper to hand to jot down anagram fodder and potential solutions, etc. For the daily commute the paper is better than printing off the puzzle – you get the support of the remaining pages for writing on! The one time I really prefer the paper to anything else is for the Toughies.

  4. Living in rural France means I have no option except to resort to “online”. The nearest place where I might be able to pick up a Telegraph thats a couple of days old is about 45 minutes away and the price of it is quite extortionate :-). So first thing in the morning, I print off all the crosswords, and then I do the cryptic immediately, the quick at lunchtime with the wife, and the Toughie takes as long as it takes…..

  5. when i started these nothing would do but to have the actual paper, but since i have to drive at least 2 miles each way to get it, i find that printing it off clued up keeps me quite happy, but to actually do it on line, no thanks, it just wouldn’t be the same, my preference ideally is the actual newspaper

  6. Living as well in southern France (but hoping to return to the UK this summer), I print out the Telegraph cryptic and the Toughie (or on Monday the second cryptic) and the Times. By now I’m so used to the format that on the rare occasions I do solve from the paper, I find the format a little offputting at first. Another reason for solving on A4 office paper is that one can solve in pencil and rub out without smudging or damaging the paper. And since my wife does several of the puzzles such as codeword in the Telegraph having a printed version for me ends arguments as to who has the paper. That said, I enter the Time Saturday and Jumbo each week by entering on line the solution I have done first on paper.

    Harry Shipley

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