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DT 26133

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26133

A full analysis by Big Dave

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This was harder than the usual Saturday puzzle, but after a break last week we have another pangram (see below).


1a    Clapped out in the next valley? (4,3,4)
OVER THE HILL – a cryptic definition of clapped out

9a    Following law, it can be bent but should not be broken (4)
FLEX – F(ollowing) and LEX (Latin for law) give something that can be bent but should not be broken

10a    Create disturbance that could cloud one’s view (4,2,1,4)
KICK UP A DUST – a part-cryptic double definition of a phrase that was new to many

11a    Engineer’s company first had part of reactor (4)
CORE – RE (Royal Engineers) preceded by CO(mpany) gives the central part of a nuclear reactor

14a    Are dropping one outlet for reprint (7)
REISSUE – (A)RE (are dropping one) with ISSUE (outlet) gives a reprint

16a    Nevertheless short time afterwards produced idea (7)
THOUGHT – combine THOUGH (nevertheless) and T (short Time) to get an idea

17a    Look round street guide with individual in Rome area (5)
LAZIO – put LO (look) around AZ (the well-known street guide) and I (individual) to get an area in Rome famous for its football club

18a    Star lass leaving gambling city (4)
VEGA – this star is the gambling city LAS VEGAS without the letters of LASS

19a    Animals rush back (4)
DEER – animals that are REED (rush) reversed

20a    Book that’s finally inconclusive (5)
ATLAS – a book of maps that is AT LAST (finally) without the final T (inconclusive)

22a    Treasure potential riches with aspiration (7)
CHERISH – a word meaning to treasure is an anagram (potential) of RICHES with H (aspiration)

23a    In Laos I disrupted connection (7)
LIAISON – an anagram (disrupted) of IN LAOS I gives a connection

24a    Incomplete chirp that is quaint (4)
TWEE – TWEE(T) (incomplete chirp) gives a word meaning quaint

28a    Arguing about mere squalor developing (11)
QUARRELSOME – a word meaning arguing (as an adjective) comes from an anagram (developing) of MERE SQUALOR

29a    Wicked French town had heart ripped out (4)
VILE – a word meaning wicked comes from ville (French town) without the middle letter (heart ripped out)

30a    Even so you need to be present for whole of athletics meeting (2,3,6)
AT ALL EVENTS – a cryptic definition of “even so” – if you read the clue carefully it can’t be “in any event” and the checking letters rule out “in any event”


2d    Rearranged live coverage (4)
VEIL – an anagram (rearranged) of LIVE gives a coverage for the face

3d    Francis dropped many a tool (4)
RAKE – Sir Francis DRAKE without the D (dropped many / 500 in Roman numerals) gives a tool

4d    Promising applicant (7)
HOPEFUL – a double (or maybe a triple) definition

5d    Timothy denied entering town near Manchester (4)
HYDE – TimotHY DEnied is hiding a town near Manchester

6d    Host Leo coming from the country (7)
LESOTHO – an anagram of HOST LEO gives an African country

7d    Hard work at joint using oily matter (5-6)
ELBOW-GREASE – a word meaning hard work is a charade of ELBOW (joint) and GREASE (to use oily matter) – what you might call a messy clue!

8d    Anticipating including alternative drug (11)
EXPECTORANT – put EXPECTANT (anticipating) around (including) OR (alternative) to get a drug

12d    Tending to excite expert on case (11)
PROVOCATIVE – a word meaning tending to excite is a charade of PRO (expert) and VOCATIVE (the case of a word when a person or thing is addressed)

13d    Carol’s ringers give succession of tinkling sounds first (6,5)
JINGLE BELLS – this Christmas song comes from BELLS (ringers) preceded by JINGLE (a succession of tinkling sounds) – there’s little in this clue that I like

15d    Terminal’s high cost (5)
EARTH – an electrical terminal on the one hand and part of the phrase “cost the earth” on the other

16d    This river goes in opposite directions from time to time (5)
TIDAL – a (cryptic?) definition

20d    Onslaught a sailor reported (7)
ASSAULT – a word meaning an onslaught that sounds like (reported) A SALT (a sailor)

21d    Not one increase could be genuine (7)
SINCERE – an anagram (could be) of INCREASE without the A (one) gives a word meaning genuine – the anagram fodder appears at first to be (I)NCREASE

25d    Dental exam? (4)
ORAL – an examination of the mouth?

26d    Man, I’ll say (4)
ISLE – the Isle of Man, and Isle sounds like I’ll

27d    Greek character getting in the way of soot (4)
SMUT – put MU (Greek character) inside ST (street / way) to get a word meaning soot

If you haven’t come across the term before, a pangram is a puzzle in which all 26 letters of the alphabet are present in the answers.