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DT 26127

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26127

A full analysis by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***

A relatively straightforward Prize puzzle which, for once, is not a pangram.


1a    One taking steps spotted one pair outside (5)
PACER – The one taking steps is constructed by putting ACE (playing card with one spot) inside PR (the abbreviation for a pair)

4a    Spotty cloth Deb designed (8)
BLOTCHED – a word meaning spotty is an anagram (designed) of CLOTH DEB

8a    Harvest fruit to be seen again (8)
REAPPEAR – a charade of REAP (harvest) and PEAR (fruit) adds up to a word meaning to be seen again

9a    A grossly distorted list of words (8)
GLOSSARY – an anagram (distorted) of A GROSSLY gives a list of words

11a    A grain’s polluting wine (7)
SANGRIA – a anagram (polluting) of A GRAIN’S results in a Spanish wine punch with fruit and soda water or lemonade

13a    Emperor heard to have broken rib (9)
BONAPARTE – sounds like (heard) BONE APART

15a    Trespassers will be charged? (6,2,3,4)
BEWARE OF THE BULL – a cryptic definition

18a    Earlier game piece found in treasury (9)
EXCHEQUER – Combine EX (a prefix meaning earlier) and one of the pieces used in draughts to get the treasury that is overseen by the Chancellor of the Exchequer

21a    Companion very much behind one who is at sea (7)
MATELOT – MATE (companion) with LOT (very much) combine to give this sailor

22a    Extremely fast international winger (5,3)
JUMBO JET – a cryptic definition

24a    Get irate damaging plume (8)
AIGRETTE – an anagram (damaging) of GET IRATE gives an ornamental feather plume

25a    Toy with distinguishing characteristic indicative of approval (4,4)
KITE MARK – put together a KITE (toy) and MARK (distinguishing characteristic) and you get a kite-shaped mark on goods indicating conformity in quality, size, etc, with the specifications of the British Standards Institution

26a    Leading climber has breather on summit (5)
CREST – Start with the first letter (leading) of C(LIMBER) and add a REST (breather) and you get the summit of a hill


1d    Variety of herbal pies liable to go off (10)
PERISHABLE – an anagram (variety) of HERBAL PIES gives a word meaning liable to go off

2d    Tool was raised after series finished (8)
CHAINSAW – to get this tool WAS is reversed (raised – only works with down clues) after a CHAIN (series)

3d    He writes about beer (8)
REPORTER – this writer is a charade of RE (about) and PORTER (beer)

4d    Ice in November growing (4)
BERG – this ice is hidden inside November growing

5d    Chancy way of raising money (4-2)
TOSS-UP – heads or tails? – a cryptic definition

6d    Boastful words over the Atacama? (3,3)
HOT AIR – a double definition that alludes to the fact that the air over the Atacama desert is hot

7d    Refuse to obey when fed up before end of day (4)
DEFY – a word meaning to refuse to obey comes from FED reversed (up – another of those down-clue only constructs) before Y (end of daY)

10d    Unlikely to appeal to pupils for a considerable time (4-4)
LONG-TERM – this is a part-cryptic double definition

12d    Unqualified sailor thus has instrument (8)
ABSOLUTE – this word meaning unqualified, in the sense of unconditional , is built up from AB (sailor) SO (thus) and LUTE (instrument)

14d    Sentiment about including lecturer during the enrolling (10)
ENLISTMENT – an anagram (about) of SENTIMENT is placed around (including) L(ecturer) gives an enrolling

16d    The sot Erica in part difficult to understand (8)
ESOTERIC – hidden inside (in part) the nonsensical phrase “the sot Erica” is a word meaning difficult to understand

17d    Take covers off Sam unduly hot inside (8)
UNCLOTHE – a word meaning to take covers off is generated by putting UNCLE (Sam) around an anagram (unduly) of HOT

19d    Many order appropriate sweet (6)
COMFIT – string together C (100 in Roman numerals / many) OM (Order of Merit) and FIT (appropriate) and you get a sugar-coated seed or almond

20d    Self-centredness, say, is in order (6)
EGOISM – a word meaning self-centredness is built up from EG (say) and IS inside OM (for the second consecutive clue!)

22d    Worthless craft (4)
JUNK – a double definition, the second one being an E Asian flat-bottomed sailing vessel, with high forecastle and poop, and large squarish sails internally supported by battens

23d    Consider this container for body of experts (4)
TANK – a slightly-cryptic definition of a Think Tank