ST 2514

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2514

A full analysis by Peter Biddlecombe

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Apologies for posting late – got too involved in the live webchat and blog discussions of today’s Times puzzle.

This was a slow puzzle for me, as all the answers I found difficult were in the same corner – 4A, 13A, 6D, 8D. Solving these took about 4/3 of the time needed for the rest of the puzzle.

1 Person who formulated law for King Edward, say (6)
MURPHY – 2 defs, one referring to Murphy’s Law, and the other to the humble spud.
4 Leave the field, having secured a point (8 )
WITHDRAW – def. and cryptic/allusive def. referring to football league points awarded for draws
10 Musically perform comic opera in Eastern state (9)
SINGAPORE – SING = musically perform, anag. of opera
11 Finishes off mine, ore being insignificant (5)
MINOR – MIN(e),O(r)
12 Kept an eye on some bowling leading to a wicket (7)
OVERSAW – OVERS = some bowling, A, W=wicket
13 Expel from courses in error (4,3)
TURFOUT – turf = “horse racing, or racecourses generally” (Concise Oxford), OUT
= “in error”. The required meaning of “turf” was new to me
14 One emperor turned back follower of another (5)
RASTA = (a tsar) reversed, the point being that Haile Selassie was an Emperor
15 Strange act one follows with another, having little to say (8 )
TACITURN – anag. of “act”, indicated by “strange”, I = one, TURN = another (act)
18 History exam relating to country (8 )
PASTORAL – PAST = history, ORAL = exam
20 Liking sculptor’s first piece in gallery (5)
TASTE – S = “sculptor’s first piece”, in TATE = gallery
23 Scientist showing a lot of effrontery to one pope (7)
GALILEO – GAL(l) = effrontery, I, LEO = pope – and an all-in-one if my vague memories of Galileo’s struggles with religious authorities are right
25 Revision of the law ultimately costly for rich (7)
WEALTHY – anag. of “the law”, (costl)Y
26 Emphatic refusal from Guinevere (5)
NEVER – hidden in “Guinevere”
27 State most points at least twice after short time (9)
TENNESSEE – T=”short time”,ENNESSEE = a collection of 3 of the four points N, E, S, W; with at least two each of the ones included
28 Person responsible for plots exploded grenade in front of king (8 )
GARDENER – anag. of grenade, R=king
29 Doctor in strange case set about 27’s neighbour (6)
JEKYLL – Ky. = Kentucky = “27’s neighbour”, in JELL – variant of gel.
1 Some cream is sour in this state (8 )
MISSOURI – a long hidden word – one of this sette’s trademarks
2 Shoots messengers (7)
RUNNERS – 2 defs and a surface reading to make you think of “don’t shoot the messenger”
3 Notice good person in centre providing first aid for competitor (4,5)
HEADSTART – (AD = notice, ST = saint = good person), in HEART
5 Undistinguished duo that made first appearance together (9,5)
IDENTICAL TWINS – cryptic def
6 Poet animated head of American family (5)
HOMER – 2 defs – “poet”, and description of Homer Simpson – my breakthrough clue of the last 4, and very annoying because Homer=Simpson is now approaching xwd cliché status
7 Voiced private bitterness (7)
RANCOUR which sounds like ranker = private (military rank)
8 Friendliness increasing worldwide, supposedly (6)
WARMTH – CD referring to global warming
9 In troubled state, courage that’ll stop one getting cold feet (3,5,6)
HOT WATER BOTTLE – “troubled state” = HOT WATER, BOTTLE = courage. This clue re-orders the usual {(wordplay) in (def)} or vice versa, as {in (wordplay), (def)}
16 Meeting in open competition in Paris? (4-1-4)
TETE-A-TETE – def. and French translation of “head-to-head” = “in open competition”, subject to the very minor quibble that I can’t quite justify the word “open” from the Concise Oxford def.
17 Okay, or better than okay (4,4)
VERY WELL – a posh version of “OK”, and also “more than OK”
19 Liberal hugged by a devotee everywhere (3,4)
ALL OVER – L = Liberal, in (A, LOVER = devotee)
21 Stays if reforms meet required standard (7)
SATISFY – anag. of “stays if”
22 Mixed drink, for example, before decoration’s put up (6)
EGGNOG – e.g., then reverse of gong = medal = decoration
24 Stout or light beer’s moved right into the middle (5)
LARGE – move the R in lager = light beer (in colour, at least)

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