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ScrewedUp News – Nov 29

ScrewedUp News – Nov 29

Edition 23

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Does anybody else who uses ScrewedUp have a feeling of deja vu? I printed out the Sunday Quick Crossword No. 79 and realised that it was exactly the same as last Sunday’s No. 78. I hope the one in the newspaper is different.

30th November – Update – the correct puzzle is now available on CluedUp

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  1. The easiest way to check if you have last week’s puzzle is to look at 1a. If the definition is “Blood vessel (6)” then it’s the same. If it is different in the paper and you can send a scan of the blank puzzle I will put it up here. bigdave44 at btinternet (never publish your exact email address unless you like spam!)

  2. We noticed the duplicated Quick mid-morning. Clued-Up still seems to be entrusted to “the lad” – not long ago two Quick crosswords appeared on the same day. I suppose they can’t get the staff.

    On a slightly different tack, does anyone else find Saturday’s GK Quick crosswords rather… well… odd?

  3. The new Quick Crossword for Sunday No, 79 is now available on CluedUp. I just checked. Not that there is any clue that it had been changed. You have to go and find it.

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