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Email Subscriptions

New Feature: Email Subscriptions

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WordPress has just introdudced a new facility by which you can elect to receive an email notification each time a new blog is posted.  To subscribe, just click on the button in the Email Subscriptions widget near the bottom of the sidebar.

You can read more about this facility on the WordPress blog at

The following is an extract from the WordPress support page:

The subscriptions feature of allows readers to signup and receive emails when new blog posts and comments are published on any blog. This makes it an ideal off-line catchup facility (think RSS by email), but also a fantastic way for blog owners to keep their readers up-to-date (think newsletters).

When a user subscribes to a blog they will receive an email containing recent blog posts. The subscriber can select how often this email is sent (the delivery frequency – immediate, daily, or weekly), as well as when this email is sent (the delivery window – a specific day and hour).

This is in addition to the existing facility to subscribe to comments, which remains unchanged

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  1. ****SPOILER ALERT****
    This is all good news (I am doing this already for comments but I have noticed that if you subscribe and get an email of the Bloggers first post the email contains the clues.
    This is not a problem but on my iPhone the background of the email is a grey colour so the answers show up without bidding!.

    Just to let y’all know!

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