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DT 26093

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26093

Hints and tips by Rishi

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***

I enjoyed solving this crossword from our Monday Maestro. The  grid  is cyclically symmetrical, that is, the pattern is the same whichever way you turn.

Clues 1a and 31a, in symmetrical positions in the grid, belong to a type known as &lit, which I think is short for ‘and literally so’  [we also use the term all-in-one for these BD] – for definition of  the word required, we have to reread the clue in its entirety. Both these clues lead to words from the world of professions – one teaching lines to children and the other making locomotives run on lines.

For me the Clue of the Crossword is 3d – all components in this charade are from roads and “by-pass” is a noun in the surface reading but a verb as definition for word required.

The last to go in was 13a – for non-UK solvers it’s always place names that are the bugbears.

As usual the solutions are whitened; please highlight the space within the curly brackets and they will show themselves.

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