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DT 26086

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26086

Undoing the Good Work

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment **

After the previous week’s encouraging puzzle it was normal service resumed with this week’s Saturday offering. So much so, that I dashed it off and it was quickly forgotten.

It’s sad to me that puzzles like this should be in when the Friday and Sunday setters produce so much better work. Most other papers treat the Saturday puzzle as the crowning glory of the week and you get a puzzle with a bit of a challenge. I am sad that this is not the case with the DT. I wouldn’t mind one of these once a month with the others perhaps rotating.

This is a hotchpotch of a few decent clues drowned by some that one wouldn’t expect to find in an on-the-shelf puzzle magazine.

I know I may be a lone voice in this, but I just feel that those who wish to improve their solving can do so on a Friday and Sunday with beautiful constructions and ideas that challenge and stretch where on a Saturday some of that is sacrificed for the sake of surface reading of a clever clue. Perhaps in the setter’s defence, it may be a brief to which he has been asked to work, but if so, it needs to be revisited, in my opinion.

At least the grid had no double unches!

As usual, I would welcome you telling me I am a lone voice, or agreeing with me and you can do so. Feel free to rate the puzzle by the star system. As the deadline has passed Saturday answers are not hidden away in the brackets.

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Toughie 254

Toughie No 254 by Warbler


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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

I feel a little disappointed today.  I normally find Warbler’s puzzles to be entertaining and witty, but this seemed a bit flat and pedestrian.  Can’t put my finger on it, and although Warbler’s puzzles are generally at the easier end of the Toughie scale, they are normally still decent.

The Grid was also a bit of a let down with only one way of getting into each corner, which is a bit unfair, in my opinion.

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DT 26090

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26090

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***

Another normal Thursday offering from J. Except this time I have a couple of quibbles over the quality of a a few of the clues. 11a, 21a and 5d for example. What did you think?

If you can’t work out the answers from the hint, then you can reveal them by highlighting the space between the curly brackets.

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