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Software Upgrade

WordPress Software Upgrade

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Yesterday morning I upgraded the software used for the blog from version 1.1 to 1.6.1 (the intervening versions were not officially released).  Although this involved a few changes to the style sheet, the only affects that you might notice are:

* Comments made by the author of the post will be the only ones that are highlighted.  Previously any replies to the author’s comments were also highlighted.

* The whole of a post can now be printed.  Previously only the first page could be printed and the rest was lost.  Comments are printed as well, so if you don’t want all of them use print preview first to determine the desired number of pages.

These changes have been checked in Firefox and Internet Explorer 8.  If you encounter any problems please let me know via the Contact page.  Be sure to say what you were trying to do and which operating system and browser you were using.