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DT 26014 – Review

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26014 – Review

A full analysis by Peter Biddlecombe

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***

On the tough side, this one – possibly because of 7 CDs, some a bit vague – but there were quite a few anagrams too, which should have been easy. 11A, 8D, 6D were the last answers to go in. Apologies for the late report – I’ve been busy looking after a young nephew this week.

1 Defender having a game point (9)
APOLOGIST – A,POLO=game,GIST=point. A good clue – strong surface and fair wordplay. I was distracted by BACK=defender and pondering something like BACKGAMMON
9 Doubles partner in cafe upset (6)
FIANCE = anag. of “in cafe” – “doubles” as a relationship is either a bit iffy or slang I don’t know about
10 Protestant, a German on manoeuvres! (9)
ORANGEMAN = anag. of “a German on”
11 Half number by the way having ardent desire (6)
12 Too old for an appointment? (3-2-4)
OUT-OF-DATE – gentle CD
13 One over there includes one new helmet (3,3)
17 Object achieved at last (3)
END – two defs
19 Not able to make one’s mark at the election (15)
DISENFRANCHISED – I guess this is saying that the X used in voting is similar to the “mark” used instead of a substitute by illiterate folk in the past.
20 Be hesitant a very long time (3)
ER,A – “er” is a verb as well as the sound you make when “erring”
21 Compositions spouse rubbished (6)
OPUSES – anag. of SPOUSE
25 Hind’s piece of meat (4,5)
RUMP STEAK – “hind” here is as in “hind quarters”
26 One old reformed simpleton (6)
NOODLE – anag. of “one old”
27 Chart of Mafeking? (6,3)
RELIEF MAP – CD punning on the famous “relief of Mafeking” in the Boer War.
28 Two Poles with agreement to contradict (6)
NAYSAY – N,AY,S,AY – the two poles being North and South
29 Plan to put stone by layers of rock (9)
STRATAGEM – STRATA=layers of rock,GEM=stone
2 Recover spirits when incidental benefit has increased (4,2)
PERK UP – simple charade of PERK=incidental benefits,UP=increased
3 Fielder taking considerable time in advance (4,2)
LONG ON – another charade just using the same word breaks as the expression
4 Lady from Rutherglen dancing (6)
GLENDA – hidden word
5 Make a difference? (5,2,8)
START AN ARGUMENT – CD which just replaces the two main words by synonyms to form another expression
6 Star we’re looking forward to seeing (9)
HIGHLIGHT – I guess this relies on a star being a high light”
7 No government advocate (9)
ANARCHIST – “(no government) advocate”
8 Attend one duet performed with extreme happiness (9)
BEATITUDE – BE AT = attend,1,TUDE = abag. of duet
14 Next to notice Joseph at home in middle of night (9)
ADJOINING – AD=notice,JO=Joseph,IN=athome,IN=in,G=middle of niGht
15 Dumpy one’s new name (9)
PSEUDONYM – anag. of “Dumpy one’s”. A very easy clue for anyone who knows the story behind the “Dumpynose” pseudonym used by a Spectator xwd setter.
16 Page inserted to cover part of foliage (9)
INTERLEAF – INTER=bury=cover,LEAF=part of foliage
17 Did not start at this place earlier (3)
ERE from (h)ERE=at this place
18 Acid also taken up (1,1,1)
D.N.A. = reverse of and=also
22 In shop Tim accepted most favourable points (6)
OPTIMA – hidden words
23 Support a Scottish island (6)
STAFFA – staff as in “thy rod and staff me comfort still”,A. Staffa is the island with Fingal’s cave.
24 Official residence father started leaving before one (6)
PALACE – PA=father,L=”started leaving”,ACE=one

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  1. Agree re: 9a would have been fine without ‘doubles’ which was misleading. The e acute should have made this a good clue for those with a modicum of Froglais!
    PS Improving only 5 wrong: eg 13a I put Top Hat for Tin Hat which mislead me!

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