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ST 2498 – Hints

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2498 – Hints

Selected hints by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ****

There are some really excellent clues, yet again, today.  I’m a little puzzled by the part played by “wanting” in the homophone at 21 across – if you have any ideas, please add a comment but, as Basil Fawlty might have said, “Don’t mention the Word”.

1a Confused supporter of monarchy, we hear (6)
In this double definition, the second part sounds like a support, or seat, for the monarchy

8a Great warrior’s prominence shown in top honours (8)
This great warrior had a fatal weakness, and the honours referred to in the wordplay are playing cards not knighthoods!

11a Time for visiting supporter (4)
As with all double definitions that contain more than two words, you need to decide where the break comes – here it is cunningly set between visiting and supporter

13a Kind of mental treatment one never gets (5,7)
… because it involves several people!

21a Ill-fated climber wanting some water, we hear (4)
One of the two who went up a hill only to fall down – but I’m not convinced by the homophone; is it ¼ pint of water or a membranous organ on a fish for breathing in water?

23a Produce at steady, fast rate — OK? Just the opposite (5,3)
When you realise that KO is the opposite of OK, you are nearly there!

1d After 3, I become uncommunicative (8)
You should try to solve 3 down first as the answer to that one defines an anagram which is the first three letters of this one; the rest of it comprises the I and a synonym for to become in the sense of to become cold – the definition is uncommunicative, and you may be able to guess the answer to this and then work backwards towards 3 down

3d Fierce person not having approval of union (7)
The cryptic part of this double definition describes an unofficial strike called at short notice

7d Boy named in public — shown up, right? (6)
To get this boy’s name you need to reverse a word meaning in public and then add the r(ight)

9d Desperate to act when son’s trapped between vehicles (5-6)
This description of someone who is desperate to become an actor is built up by trapping S(on) between an old horse-drawn coach and a type of lorry

15d The writer in France with a dreadful suspicion of rival (8)
The writer in English is I, so translate this into French and add A and a word meaning dreadful to get this suspicion or resentment of a rival

19d Prefer a verse found in number of gospels (6)
A word meaning to prefer comes from putting A V (A Verse) inside the number of Gospels in the New Testament

If that’s not enough to help you finish, just ask and I will see what I can do. 

Please don’t put whole or partial answers in your comment, else they may be censored!

9 comments on “ST 2498 – Hints

  1. Like 13a and 23a for some reason? Not sure I liked 1d or 15d,is that just me?
    Itook the homophone the be **** -measure of water, but still don’t like it. Have a good day, off to a bar-B-Q :)

  2. must admit to finding todays crossword really hard to get into….did not quite understand 21a and got the wrong one!!! having gone throught he rhyme realised the other was also ill fated!! and both went to find water :)
    15d i didn’t like and would not have considered the answer as a suspicion??
    maybe it’s the miserable weather but i didn’t enjoy todays at all, would u believe that 60 miles away in cardiff it is a beautiful day!! what about the rest of you

    1. Mary

      I know what you mean about 15 down, but the first definition in Chambers of the underlying adjective is:

      suspicious of, or upset or angered by, rivalry

      BTW the weather here in Worcestershire is fine if a little overcast at times.

  3. 21a I just assumed the reason they went up the hill in the first place was because they were “wanting” (to fetch) water.

    1. What I can’t square is that if “wanting water” is part of the cryptic definition then how do you know which of the two is the answer?

      If the answer sounds like a quantity of water then what is the word “wanting” doing in there?

      To me this clue has excellent potential but fails to deliver.

  4. Another vote for 23a, and I would be proud of 1d if I could have written it (sorry Lizwhiz:-)

    Probably just ignorance, but in 24a I didn’t know the first synonym without looking it up; one obscurity in an otherwise elegantly simple puzzle with near-perfect surfaces IMO.

    BTW, isn’t 21a just a less-common construction:

    (Ill-fated climber wanting {some water), we hear}

    You either like it or think it’s imprecise. To each his own :-)

    1. Welcome to the blog fcqv

      24a can be used as “to strain” or as a “strainer or sieve” and is not that unusual. Maybe its use is regional.

      Small tip – smileys only work if preceded by a space. I’ve added one for you!

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