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DT 26008 – Review

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26008 – Review

A full analysis by Peter Biddlecombe

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A puzzle of moderate difficulty and the usual Saturday mixed bag of clues …

1 See odd perennials sprouting (5,3,5)
RIPON AND LEEDS = anag. of “odd perennials” which is the name of a C of E diocese = see. Not totally convinced by “sprouting” as an anagram indicator.
9 Merchant, stop expressing reluctance (9)
STATIONER – STATION=stop,ER=”expresssing reluctance”, which raises another “hmmm” here – as well as the question whether it’s fair for “expressing reluctance” to mean “word expressing reluctance”, “er” actually expresses hesitation, which isn’t quite the same
10 Scoundrel to go wrong way in Parisian street (5)
ROGUE – reversal of GO in RUE
11 A party about love (5)
ADORE – A,DO=party,RE=about – sound cryptic reading, but “party about {something}” seems a weak surface
12 Lake in front of dry den (4)
LAIR – L,AIR=dry
13 Some more effective barrier (4)
REEF – hidden word, questionable def – a reef can form a barrier between bodies of water and there is at least one “barrier reef”, but I don’t think either makes ‘barrier’ a fair def.
15 Dance in Hungary as cards collapse (7)
CSARDAS – anag. of “as cards”. A dance, the best-known version being Monti’s. As an occasional trombonist, I have to point you to Christian Lindberg’s version. Another doubtful surface – what’s the connection between collapsing cards and dancing?
17 Boor removed bloodsucker, say, it’s automatic (7)
ROBOTIC – anag. of “boor”,TIC=”tick” – to function as an angram indicator, I think removed has to be “moved again”
18 Fight for more pay (4,3)
WAGE WAR – punny def. for a battle for higher wages as well as “to fight”
20 Sin and latitude in south-eastern city (7)
SEVILLE – (EVIL,L=latitude) in SE. Given the scope for confusion with longitude, L=latitude seems absurd, but Chambers has it
21 Way a Pole goes round (4)
ROAD – A in rod=pole – stick or distance of 5½ yards
22 Leading Tyrolean put restriction on ski-lift (1-3)
T-BAR – T=”Leading Tyrolean”,BAR=put-restriction on – a T-Bar is a type of ski-lift as well as a component thereof
23 Arabs transporting port (5)
BASRA = anag. of Arabs.
26 Guarantee, after losing rook, to take place as a result (5)
ENSUE – ensure=guarantee, less R = rook.
27 Old mate with a ring exhibiting self-importance (4-1-4)
COCK-A-HOOP – “cock” is old slang for mate as in “Wotcher, cock”,A,HOOP=ring. Chambers has this meaning “boastful” as well as “in high spirits” so “exhibiting self-importance” is a better def than I first thought.
28 Everybody early — eventually (3,2,4,4)
1 One has a job to discover the facts (8,6)
RESEARCH WORKER – cryptic def
2 Philosopher left a shirt in river (5)
PLATO – (L,A,T=T-shirt) in the river Po.
3 Forced to make a decision about Daniel not at university (6,4)
NAILED DOWN – anag. of Daniel,DOWN=not at university
4 Baffle no more (7)
5 Fatter individual entering pantry (7)
LARDIER – LARD(I)ER – nicely done surface suggesting someone like Billy Bunter
6 Semi-continental kangaroo (4)
EURO – half of European, and euro is another word for wallaroo
7 Gleam sent out when divided into parts (9)
SEGMENTAL – anag. of “gleam sent”
8 It’s the best illustration one could have (7,7)
PERFECT EXAMPLE – another gentle CD
14 Honest as a grandmaster? (5-5)
ABOVE BOARD – alluding to the GM being over a chess board
16 It is mainly between Greece and Turkey (6,3)
AEGEAN SEA – geographically accurate statement and ghastly pun on “mainly”
19 Flowing Polish I study? (7)
RUBICON – RUB=polish,I,CON=study. Not totally happy with “flowing” as a def. of a river. If this is fair, presumably we can have “living” for the name of anyone alive.
20 Is turning up at North African country, not Missouri, during windstorm (7)
SIROCCO – SI=is reversed,MOROCCO less MO = Missouri
24 Promises to pay maiden inside coming up from Scandinavian country (5)
SUOMI – M inside IOUs, all reversed – Finnish for Fiinland.
25 Long drink first for bird (4)
TEAL = TEA=drink,L=long