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ScrewedUp News – Aug 01

ScrewedUp News – Aug 01

Edition 21

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03-08-2009 – As Libellule reports, this was corrected at some time today.

The site has been relatively well behaved in recent weeks, apart from an occasional glitch with the numbers on Codewords, the random presentation of the wrong grid which is corrected when you try again and the ever-present poor performance which becomes intolerable at certain times of the day.

Today Libellule reports that the Quick GK – No. 106 provides the clues but no grid.  This applies to both the playable and printable versions.

QGK 106

Unsurprisingly, as at 09:50 no-one has managed to complete this puzzle!

I also noticed that Enigmatic Variations has disappeared from the Crossword Puzzles screen, although you can still access these puzzles from the Search Puzzle Archive.

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