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ST 2493 – Review

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2493 – Review

A full analysis by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **** Enjoyment ****

This Sunday puzzle is approaching the standard set by some Toughies.  It make take a little while, but it is well worth the effort.


1a Good example of European fashion included in list (4,5)
ROLE MODEL – a person in the limelight who is expected to set a good example comes from E(uropean) and MODE (fashion) included in ROLL (list)

6a A doctor’s letters, perhaps, about one bug (5)
APHID – not the usual medical doctor, this time it is A PHD (PhD, Philosophiae Doctor, Doctor of Philosophy) around I (one) to get one of those bugs that infests your roses

9a Bland in-house article (7)
VANILLA – a word meaning bland comes from putting AN (indefinite article) inside VILLA (house)

10a Some Irish sailors needed to get into port (9)
CORKSCREW – my favourite clue in this puzzle – a cryptic definition of CORK’S CREW (complement of sailors from an Irish county) gives something that is needed to get into a bottle of port

11a One of the things known by expert about religious belief (7)
OPINION – An expert is said to know his ONIONs – take one of these and put it around PI (religious) and you finish up with a belief

12a Money a head cuts for kind of lecture (5-2)
TEACH-IN – take TIN (money) and put it around EACH (per head, a head) to get a kind of lecture

13a Advance that nobody else can achieve (4-11)
SELF-IMPROVEMENT – a cryptic definition

18a Position of responsibility prophet’s accepting time and time again (3,4)
HOT SEAT – this position of responsibility is derived by putting HOSEA (prophet) around (accepting) T(ime) and finally T(ime) again

20a Men engaged in monetary arrangements omitting first name (7)
FIANCES – men who are engaged to be married come from FI(N)ANCES (monetary arrangements) without the first N (omitting first Name)

22a Mother goes in to cultivate old fruit (9)
TOMATILLO – put MA (mother) inside TO and TILL (cultivate) then add O(ld) to get this fruit of a plant of the nightshade family which is used in Mexican cooking

23a Deception or heartless lie, in a sense (7)
SLEIGHT – a synonym for deception is derived from L(I)E (heartless lie) inside SIGHT (a sense)

24a Gem of a girl embracing good sport (5)
RUGBY – RUBY (gem of a girl) around (embracing) G(ood) gives this sport

25a Adman whose work is highly regarded (9)
SKYWRITER – a cryptic definition of this aerial advertiser


1d Starving birds seen around old university (8)
RAVENOUS – a word meaning starving comes from RAVENS (birds) around O(ld) and U(niversity)

2d Odd parts of life poorly presented here? Rubbish (8)
LANDFILL – another excellent clue – take the odd letters of LiFe and you get L AND F and add ILL (poorly) to get somewhere to take rubbish

3d A wife in one African country or another (6)
MALAWI – A W(ife) inside MALI (African country) gives another African country

4d Junior minister involved in trade, a Conservative (6)
DEACON – this junior minister of the church is hidden inside (involved in) traDE, A CONservative

5d Unusually brittle old book (8)
LIBRETTO – an anagram (unusually) of BRITTLE followed by O(ld) gives this  book of words of an opera, oratorio or ballet

6d This kind of competition ‘asn’t ‘ealthy effect on people (4,4)
ARMS RACE – a Cockney clue that doesn’t quite work for me – you need to drop the aitch from (H)ARMS (hasn’t a healthy effect) and add RACE (people) to get the kind of competition that usually occurs between superpowers

7d Place that’s hot, associated with our home (6)
HEARTH – this place that’s hot because of the fire that is lit in it is part of the phrase HEARTH and home (associated with our home, a symbol of traditional family values and home life)

8d Scientist of note pictured with Queen (6)
DARWIN – this scientist is pictured on a ten-pound note!

14d It’s not altogether evident if you are empathetic (8)
IDENTIFY – hidden inside (it’s not altogether) evIDENT IF You is what you do if you are empathetic

15d With piano, is including pieces for playing without compassion (8)
PITILESS – take P(iano) and then put IS around (including) TILES (pieces for playing games) to get a synonym for without compassion

16d No fast food for French gourmet (8)
ESCARGOT – a wonderful cryptic definition of this dish of snails for a French gourmet

17d Person leaving cricket match at Oval before end of over (8)
TESTATOR – a person leaving a will is a charade of TEST (cricket match) AT O(val) and R (end of oveR)

18d Head off rabbit or hare’s companion (6)
HATTER – take the first letter off (head off) (C)HATTER (to rabbit) and you get the March Hare’s mad companion

19d Breaking end of pot, a kind of porcelain (6)
TAMING – a word meaning breaking, in the sense of breaking in a horse, comes from T (end of poT) A and MING (kind of porcelain)

20d Not welcoming American poet unknown here (6)
FROSTY – a word meaning not welcoming that comes from Robert Lee FROST (American poet) and Y (an unknown quantity from an equation)

21d Turn up in a first part of press conference, for example (6)
APPEAR – a word meaning to turn up is a charade of A P (first part of Press) and PEAR (conference, for example)

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