June 9, 2009 – Big Dave's Crossword Blog

Toughie 160

Toughie No 160 by Notabilis

An elegant Toughie that shows how it should be done

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ****

There are a number of excellent Toughie setters and Notabilis, aka Kea and Nestor, is certainly one.  There is hardly a letter out of place, and this could be given as an example of how a crossword does not need obscure words, girls or boys names or exotic places to be a good puzzle.

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DT 25950

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 25950

Hints and tips by Gazza

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment **

I feel as if I’ve drawn the short straw with this one. There are one or two nice clues, but these are outweighed by a number where the word order has been mangled or extraneous words introduced to try to improve the surface reading of the clue. Throw in a couple of very odd words and some “cryptic” clues which are not very cryptic, and you are left with what, to me, was a very frustrating puzzle.

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