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ST 2485 – Review

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2485 – Review

A full analysis by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

This one was a bit of a stroll in the park.  It was still enjoyable, but I do prefer my puzzles to be a bit harder than this was.


1a Explorer held by tribal boatmen (6)
BALBOA – this explorer who became the first European to lead an expedition to have reached the Pacific from the New World is hidden in the clue

5a Lateral pass at football for colleague (8)
SIDEKICK – a cryptic definition of this colleague

9a Like stories about king, producing resistance to movement (10)
FRICTIONAL – FICTIONAL (like stories) around R (Rex / king) gives a word meaning producing resistance to movement

10a A swindle, i.e. something not on the level (4)
RAMP – a double definition

11a Has potential to emerge as right artist for capital (8)
CANBERRA – a charade of CAN (has potential) BE (to emerge as) R(ight) and RA (artist) leads to the capital of Australia

12a With style, arrange buttonhole (6)
WAYLAY – put together WAY (a method or style) and LAY (to arrange the cutlery on a table) and you have a word meaning to gain someone’s attention in order to talk to them (buttonhole)

13a Part of play heard, or otherwise perceived (4)
SEEN – a word meaning perceived sounds like (heard) scene (part of play)

15a Reptile quietly moving into stretch of land (8)
TERRAPIN – this reptile is P (quietly) inside (moving into) TERRAIN (stretch of land)

18a Is one wise to avoid early retirement? (5,3)
NIGHT OWL – a cryptic definition

19a Refuse to admit study leads to faulty conclusion (4)
DENY – a synonym for refuse to admit that is built by combining DEN (study) and Y (faultY conclusion / last letter)

21a Some who use stages in theatres (6)
HOUSES – hidden inside (some) wHO USE Stages gives a synonym for theatres that fooled a lot of people!

23a Part of vehicle in which to carry clothes? (4-4)
GEAR-CASE – this part of a vehicle is defined as GEAR (clothes) and CASE (in which to carry …)

25a Card is ace, put on five (4)
VISA – this credit card comes from IS A(ce) after (put on) V (Roman numeral five)

26a Select card-game – one’s raised to shut opponents out (10)
DRAWBRIDGE – a straightforward charade of DRAW (select) and BRIDGE (card-game) gives the entrance to a castle that is raised to shut opponents out

27a Powerful man in love with awfully rich gal (8)
OLIGARCH – this powerful man comes from O (love) followed by an anagram (awfully) of RICH GAL

28a European language – found around part of UK (6)
DANISH – this European language has a dash (”-”) around Northern Ireland (part of UK)


2d A legal procedure cut short in courts (5)
ATRIA – here A followed TRIA(L) (legal procedure in a court to determine the guilt or innocence of a prisoner which is cut short / without the last letter) leads to central courtyards

3d Like most MPs, needing support with seat (9)
BACKBENCH – these MPs come from BACK (support) and BENCH (seat)

4d Albatross initially going by railway, in large birdcage (6)
AVIARY – A (Albatross initially) then VIA (going by) and RY (railway) give a large birdcage

5d Weekly publication shaping up as lengthy read (6,9)
SUNDAY TELEGRAPH – this weekly publication is an anagram (shaping) of UP AS LENGTHY READ

6d Challenge about European rule in Eastern state (8)
DELAWARE – put DARE (challenge) around E(uropean) LAW and you get an state in the East of the USA

7d Opener bagging runs repeatedly for county (5)
KERRY – KEY (door opener) around (bagging) R R (runs repeatedly) gives a county in Ireland

8d Kind of ladder on board for mate (9)
COMPANION – a double definition

14d Article I tailored in special way (9)
EDITORIAL – this newspaper article is an anagram (in special way) of I TAILORED

16d 100 in calculation that’s difficult to eliminate (9)
ADDICTION – C (100 in Roman numerals) inside ADDITION (calculation) gives something that’s difficult to eliminate

17d Judge Tory party right (8)
CONSIDER – a synonym for to judge is a charade of CON (Tory) SIDE (party) and R(ight)

20d Rod on bottom, intended to sting (6)
BARBED – a BAR (metal rod) and BED (the bottom of the sea) together give a word meaning wounded or spiteful (intended to sting)

22d Some unceremonious language (5)
SLANG – one of the better all-in-one clues – read it twice, the first time you have a word hidden (some) in unceremoniouS LANGuage, the second time you have a definition of the answer

24d Extended accounts unchanged when set up (5)
SAGAS – this palindromic word (unchanged when set up) means extended accounts of the deeds of Icelandic or Norwegian heroes

The easiest Sunday puzzle in quite a long time, but rather this than a return to the old style.