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ST 2484 – Review

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2484 – Review

A full analysis by Big Dave

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I did this puzzle on Sunday afternoon, while away for the weekend with no internet or dictionaries to hand.  And what a pleasure it was.


1a Doctor dictates crucial experimental procedure (4,4)
ACID TEST – this time doctor indicates that an anagram of DICTATES is needed to get this crucial experimental procedure

9a Scary attitude in hospital – arm is mistreated (8)
ALARMISM – a word meaning having a scary attitude is hidden in hospitAL – ARM IS Mistreated

10a Fellows with university providing courses in writing (4)
MENU – MEN (fellows) and U(niversity) give us a list of restaurant courses in writing

11a Inspiring? Awesome! (12)
BREATHTAKING – a double definition, the first one being slightly cryptic

13a Lid of bottle sailors kept in bar (5,3)
SCREW TOP – this bottle lid has CREW (sailors) inside STOP (bar)

15a From Baltimore go North, in area near Washington (6)
OREGON – a new slant on misdirection finds this area near Washington state hidden (from) in BaltimORE GO North

16a, 14 d TV programme crew is going to show (4,4)
BLUE PETER – this TV programme gets its name from the flag which is hoisted when a ship is about to sail (crew is going to show)

17a Took out old hat (5)
DATED – a double definition – took someone out on a date and out-of-date

18a How grade might be lowered for nasty person (4)
TOAD – the grade could have been lowered from a C TO A D to get this nasty person

20a Resentment voiced in private (6)
RANKER – rancour (resentment) sounds like (voiced) a private soldier

21a Herb contrary gardener put with flower (8)
ROSEMARY – this herb is a charade of MARY (from the nursery rhyme Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow?) following ROSE (flower)

23a Plane, for example, flying above Britain (12)
ABBREVIATION – plane is an abbreviation of aeroplane (for example) and flying indicates an anagram of ABOVE BRITAIN

26a Is repeatedly put in academic stream (4)
ISIS – IS twice (repeatedly) gives the name given to the River Thames as it flows through Oxford

27a British citizen, fellow taken in by recluse (8)
LONDONER – this British citizen comes from putting DON (university fellow) inside (taken in by) LONER (recluse)

28a Afflicted, become ill without treatment recommended initially (8)
STRICKEN – a word meaning afflicted comes from SICKEN (become ill) around (without) the initial letters (initially) of Treatment Recommended


2d Like much work in office of the ministry (8)
CLERICAL – a double definition

3d Vehicle in which one can take flight (6-6)
DOUBLE-DECKER – this bus has two floors connected by a flight of stairs

4d Authority to apply pressure internally (6)
EXPERT – an person who is an authority on a given subject comes from EXERT (to apply) with P(ressure) inside (internally)

5d Tense, as pupil is in audition (4)
TAUT – a word meaning tense, which sounds like (in audition) taught

6d Finest example to which nothing can be added (4,4)
LAST WORD – need I say more!

7d Fruit one can’t take off (4)
KIWI – a fruit and a flightless bird

8d Supposed I oppose editor (8)
IMAGINED – here a word meaning supposed comes rather awkwardly, but enjoyably so, from I’M AGIN (I oppose) and ED (editor)

12d Thief finally struck wildly at policeman (12)
KLEPTOMANIAC – this thief is K (finally strucK) and an anagram (wildly) of AT POLICEMAN

14d See 16 across

16d Marine crustacean exposed, retaining salt (8)
BARNACLE – a marine crustacean that is derived by putting BARE (exposed) around (retaining) NaCl (the chemical formula for sodium chloride / salt)

17d Energy put into compelling drawing (8)
DERIVING – put E(nergy) inside DRIVING (compelling) and you get a synonym for drawing

19d Display, so to speak, a kind of horse or cow (8)
AYRSHIRE – AYR sounds like (so to speak) air (display) and add SHIRE (a kind of horse) to get a breed of cow

22d Guy paying court with diamonds, say, and gold (6)
SUITOR – this guy paying court is composed of SUIT (in cards / diamonds, say but could have been clubs, hearts or spades) and OR (gold)

24d Be inclined, in turn, to store money (4)
BANK – a rather nice double definition – to tilt an aircraft in turning and to pay in money

25d Side winds (4)
AIRS – another double definition – side as in airs and graces

If you are not already a convert, then now is the time to start doing the Sunday puzzle.  You comments are welcome, but I am in London for Sloggers and Betters 5 so won’t be able to respond until this evening.