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ST 2482 – Review

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2482 – Review

A full analysis by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment ***

The latest of a string of excellent Sunday puzzles.  It still seems odd to be writing a review having enjoyed the puzzle as I got used to the old-style over several years .  No more sucking the teeth or stabbing an effigy of the setter with my pencil!


1a Stresses that may be produced by hairdresser (10)
HIGHLIGHTS – here stresses means overlays text with a bright colour, for special attention, and to do something similar to one’s hair

6a Request something enjoyable? Not sure (4)
PLEA – the something enjoyable is a PLEAsure; take away the sure (not sure) and you have a request

10a Not so wild West Americans partly revealed (5)
TAMER – this word meaning not so wild is hidden (partly revealed) in WesT AMERicans

11a Like short stay in hotel, completed near West End (9)
OVERNIGHT – a clever charade of OVER (completed) and NIGH (near) and then the end of WesT give us this short stay in a hotel

12a Control panel providing comfort (7)
CONSOLE – noun and verb make up this double definition

13a Person seeking satisfaction with a second helping (7)
DUELLER – another relatively straightforward double definition

14a Southern politician with powerful relations (5-7)
STORY TELLING – another nice charade combines S(outhern), TORY (a Conservative politician) and TELLING (powerful) to get the telling of tales (relations)

18a They control access to money in society, in most refined circles (5,7)
PURSE STRINGS – the person with these controls access to money – S(ociety) inside PUREST (most refined) and RINGS (circles) give us this answer

21a Get mine damaged falling heavily (7)
TEEMING – this anagram (damaged) of GET MINE gives a word meaning falling heavily

23a Swindled young lady, one of the Irish county set (7)
DONEGAL – DONE (swindled) and GAL (a shortened form of girl / young lady) give this county, town and bay in Ireland

24a A pot again broken in part of South America (9)
PATAGONIA – broken is your signal to find an anagram of A POT AGAIN to find this part of South America which includes parts of Argentine and Chile

25a Part of House, following second big shift in vote (5)
SWING – WING (part of a large house) following S(econd) gives a big shift in vote

26a Forcefully close big contract (4)
SLAM – a double definition; on the one hand to forcefully close a door and on the other to bid for a big contract in bridge

27a Bird found in Barbados and Martinique (4,6)
SAND MARTIN – this bird can be found hidden in BarbadoS AND MARTINique


1d Problem about East being advanced in electronics (2-4)
HI-TECH – put E(ast) inside HITCH (problem) to get HIgh TECHnology electronics!

2d Undistinguished pair making sign (6)
GEMINI – identical twins (undistinguished pair / pair indistinguishable from each other) make up this Zodiac sign

3d Movie such as Ali? (4,2,3,5)
LORD OF THE RINGS – this Multi-Academy Award winning film about Hobbits could have been about Muhammad Ali, bit isn’t!

4d Left-winger supporting theatre means to travel a lot (9)
GLOBETROT – TROT (a Trotskyite /  left-winger) supports GLOBE (Shakespeare’s theatre) to travel a lot

5d Nurse retains right to proceed in particular direction (5)
TREND – TEND (nurse) around (retains) R(ight) givfes to proceed in particular direction

7d Support arranged, being without advocate originally? (5,3)
LEGAL AID – this all-in-one clue puts LEG (a part of the body that acts as a support) and LAID (arranged, as in set the table) around A(dvocate) to give a term used for financial assistance given to those unable to pay the full costs of proceedings in court

8d Modify, say, second character in novel, such as Mr. Hyde (5,3)
ALTER EGO – a well constructed clue gives ALTER (modify), EG (e.g. – say) and O (second character in nOvel) to give Mr. Hyde, the ALTER EGO of Dr Jekyll in the well-known book

9d Brainy types with dreadfully elitist leaning (14)
INTELLIGENTSIA – these brainy types are from an anagram (dreadfully) of ELITIST LEANING

15d As heard about indirectly, a second indicator? (5-4)
THIRD-HAND – such news is heard about indirectly, and the third hand on a clock or watch indicates the seconds

16d Final comments that could make one happiest? (8)
EPITAPHS – these comments come from an anagram (could make one) of HAPPIEST

17d Non-alcoholic drink teenager oddly ordered (5,3)
GREEN TEA – some cunning misdirection here – oddly ordered is an anagram indicator for TEENAGER to give a non-alcoholic drink and not an instruction to take the odd numbered letters from somewhere

19d Showing lack of respect for many years? (6)
AGEIST – a fairly gentle cryptic definition

20d Continue signalling vessel (6)
FLAGON – to continue signalling is to FLAG ON; run them together to get a vessel

22d Sail from where Columbus started (5)
GENOA – this type of sail is named after the Italian port where Christopher Columbus was born