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ScrewedUp News – Apr 18

ScrewedUp News – Apr 18

Edition 16

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Codewords 1279 has now been changed, using numbers that are different from both the original online version and the printed version – with any luck this one will be OK.

While the main crosswords have been fairly reliable recently, apart from DT 25899 which was labelled as 8155 online for quite a while, problems with codewords persist.

Using a notation similar to that used for the chessboard, each square is identified with a unique letter/number pair. The vertical columns are labeled A through M (from the left) and the horizontal rows are numbered from 1 to 13 (from the top). Each square of the crossword is uniquely identified by its column letter and row number.

For Codewords No 1279, on the grid published online,  Mrs BD reports:

G11 and J11 should both be numbered 22 (not 1).

As usual, for some inexplicable reason, the puzzle in the newspaper uses different numbers:

Codewords No 1279