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ScrewedUp News – Apr 4

ScrewedUp News – Apr 4

Edition 13

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Apr 5 – The Codewords No 1267 has now been changed, with a totally different set of numbers, but still no GK Quick No 89!

We managed to get through last weekend without an edition of ScrewedUp News, but not so this weekend!!

If you try to access the GK Quick No 89 through the home page then, guess what? – yes, you get last week’s GK Quick No 88 and you can play it all over again.

Also there is an error in Codewords No 1267:

Using a notation similar to that used for the chessboard, each square is identified with a unique letter/number pair. The vertical columns are labeled A through M (from the left) and the horizontal rows are numbered from 1 to 13 (from the top). Each square of the crossword is uniquely identified by its column letter and row number.

For Codewords No 12567, on the grid published online,  Mrs BD reports:

A7 and A9 should both be numbered 25 (not 1).

Click here for the online version of Codewords No 1267

2 comments on “ScrewedUp News – Apr 4

  1. As of now – 9am – there is no Enigmatic Variations crossword for today – 5 April – on the screwed up site.

    These errors and omissions just keep happening.

    I think I am going to have to cancel my subscription.

  2. I noticed that early this morning. Quick Crossword No 45, Mrs BD’s favourite, is also missing.

    Edition 14 is on its way!

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