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ScrewedUp News – Mar 14

ScrewedUp News – Mar 14

Edition 10

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Mar 16 – Quick General Knowledge No 86 eventually appeared at some time during the weekend.  I can’t check the faulty Codeword as my account has been “deactivated” and I get asked for money in order to continue – yet another problem, as I’m paid up until next January.  Apparently a number of other people have been affected by this glitch.

Mar 18 – Codewords No 1249 has now been updated, and it works!!

I live in hope that a weekend will pass without an edition of the ScrewedUp News.  Well, it’s not going to be this weekend.  Today the Quick General Knowledge No 86 is missing.

I have added a new page, under Contact (see sidebar), for all matters relating to the CluedUp site.  Sensible suggestions will periodically be passed on to the Telegraph Puzzles Editor.

There is also a small, albeit annoying, problem with Codewords No 1249.

Using a notation similar to that used for the chessboard, each square is identified with a unique letter/number pair. The vertical columns are labeled A through M (from the left) and the horizontal rows are numbered from 1 to 13 (from the top).  Each square of the crossword is uniquely identified by its column letter and row number.

For Codewords No 1249,  Libellule and Mrs BD report:

M4  should be numbered 25 (not 1)