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ScrewedUp News – Mar 2

ScrewedUp News – Mar 2

Edition 7

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09.30 – Father Brian reports that the Herculis is now available, but at what price?

10.45 – Earlier today, the Giant GK was giving the answers and the setters phone number, which is why I temporarily suppressed the first two comments below and contacted the Telegraph.  All is now well, and the puzzle is online The link has reverted back to the previous week’s puzzle (thanks Rollo – I didn’t check properly) which is where we started and Sunday’s Quick crossword is still on the missing list!

11.35 – The missing Quick crossword is now available.  I have received an email from the Puzzles Editor saying that he will be investigating how these problems can be minimised.  Let’s hope he is successful – I would be more than happy to stop publishing these bulletins!

12.55 – All quiet on the western front!!  All of the weekend problems now seem to be resolved.  Additionally, the Codewords  (Nos 1234 & 1237) reported in earlier editions have certainly been changed, but I have not as yet had time to check them.

What is going on?  Today the Herculis No 12253  is not yet available online.  The other two previously reported are still missing, presumed dead!

9 comments on “ScrewedUp News – Mar 2

  1. Ah, the dears have just published the answers to Saturday’s GK Crossword, not the clues! It doesn’t get any better.

  2. The link to last Saturday’s DT Giant GK is now on the “screwedup” website, but when you click on it you don’t get the puzzle – you get the solution.

    What a joke.

    And still no Herculis for today.

  3. No Dave, the Giant GK link is not OK – at least for me.

    It has reverted to giving the puzzle for 21 February – so back to square one.

  4. Sunday’s Quick (40) and today’s Herculis (12,253) are now available but Saturday’s GK is still missing. I move that CluedUp be renamed ClueLess, anyone second me?

  5. Dave, many thanks for the updates. I have just read the comments left by Rollo and Father Brian. Absolutely classic.

  6. if you want a scan of the sunday cryptic 2473 or gk 850 or the herculis. i can send you a scan

  7. It looks like it’s all been sorted – Saturday’s GK is finally available, only 2½ days late. Oh well…

  8. Many thanks to all of you for reporting on the progress.

    Dr Filth – I think all is OK now, but your kind offer is much appreciated.

  9. Think again Dave, 29a. of today’s Herculis has promoted Los Angeles to statehood. I remember reading that California had the world’s 8th largest economy and could function as a sovereign nation so LA could probably manage as a state. All they were waiting for was the Telegraph’s say-so!

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