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One Month Old Today

Big Dave’s Blog is One Month Old Today

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It seems like a lifetime, but it was one month ago today that I started this blog.

On 28th January, there were just 2 hits (both from me!).  The following day I published my first Toughie review, and the hit count shot up to 26, with 5 of them actually looking at the review.  The average now is between 750 and 1000 hits per day and the review for each puzzle gets looked at from 100 – 200 times for the Toughies up as high as 500 for the Daily cryptic.

I would like to thank you all for supporting me on this venture; it has already far exceeded my expectations.  So many of your comments have been words of encouragement that it makes it all worthwhile

A particular thank you goes to Gazza, Libellule and Peter whose help with the reviews has enabled me to stay sane (well, just about).

Big Dave

By the way, if you had ever wondered what my avatar represents, it’s a Curta II mechanical calculator from my small collection.  I have set up a sub-folder, called Miscellany, in the Gallery to show pictures of a few of my calculators.

Curta II
Curta II

You can read more about these calculators here:

Curta Calculator

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  1. Thanks BD for a great blog. It’s nice to know there’s help available if I get stuck or reach a solution without always being able to totally justify it from the clue. My husband buys the Telegraph in the morning as part of taking the dog for her morning walk but only when there is a ‘T’ in the day (buy the Telegraph, I mean, not walk the dog!) so I attempt the ‘Toughies’ when I haven’t got the current day’s paper. I certainly appreciate your help then! Jane

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