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ScrewedUp News – Feb 21

ScrewedUp News – Feb 21

Edition 1

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12.58, Feb 22 – This problem has now been fixed.  We were wrong, it wasn’t two numbers that needed to be changed, it was most of the grid!

This is the first of an irregular series of blogs about the ClueUp website.  After the fiasco of yesterday’s accidental publication of today’s crossword, and the absence of any information about what was happening on the ClueUp site itself, I thought you might like a forum for information about the problems and their resolution, if any.

Todays news concerns Codewords No 1231.

Using a notation similar to that used for the chessboard, each square is identified with a unique letter/number pair. The vertical columns are labeled A through M (from the left) and the horizontal rows are numbered from 1 to 13 (from the top).  Each square of the crossword is uniquely identified by its column letter and row number.

For Codewords No 1231,  Mrs BD reports:

B3 should be numbered 9

I10 should also be 9