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ST Cryptic No 2470 – Hints

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2470

A harder than usual Sunday puzzle

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BD Rating – Difficulty **** Enjoyment ****

I rated this as hard because I found it difficult to get started in three out of the four corners.  Most of the answers are everyday words, but you do have to work a bit harder than with the weekday cryptics.

As with Saturday’s Prize crossword, I will publish a few hints only.


7a A twit to blame, foolishly, the bad weather (4,5)
A little used word for a twit, this is an anagram of blame (foolishly) followed by wet weather.

15a Through unlocking, allege the zoo lost two ducks and an antelope (7)
This is an anagram (through unlocking) of allege, around zoo without two ducks (in cricket a duck is a score of 0), giving a type of antelope

20a Nick, bottling the anger, returned in uniform (8 )
Another word for Old Nick around a word for anger, all reversed (returned) giving a word that means in uniform

27a Record ten, having slipped, has returned (5)
Although the answer is easy to get, the wordplay warrants a little explanation
• ten, having slipped – the first letter slips to the end
• has returned – read this as “has re turned”


4d Chap hovering around hoping for some grub? (7)
Not one of the better clues – but think of Burt Lancaster and Alcatraz

18d Petition, convinced you’ll get satisfaction (8 )
My favourite clue in this puzzle – combine synonyms for petition and convinced to get satisfaction

Back tomorrow with an in depth analysis of the Monday cryptic.

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3 comments on “ST Cryptic No 2470 – Hints

  1. Hi,
    Re st 2470. I struggled somewhat with this crossword but appreciate your explanation for 27a. Enter.
    For 28a I have Tearfully but it doesn’t seem right, have you any suggestions?
    My down answers adopted, pleasure, pick up and adult seem ok.

  2. 28a “Awfully smart” is about all you can hear (9)

    You’re just one letter out, Nigel. Fearfully (awfully) – Fly (smart) about earful (all you can hear).

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