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Toughie No 88

Toughie No 88 by Giovanni

A nice easy one to start the week

+ – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – + – +

BD Rating –  Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

A few across clues to get you going – I’ll add some of the down clues later

1a Commend a fine novel – this short one, say? (2,4,3,3)
This well known book, by John Steinbeck, is an anagram of “commend a fine”

10a About time to get a medicine for schizophrenic (9)
Ca (circa / about) + t(ime) + a  tonic (medicine), to give a word meaning schizophrenic

13a Show rejected by censor – instruction given to musicians (8 )
A well known Lloyd Webber show, reversed + Cato (Marcus Porcius Cato / Cato the Censor)

15a Green plant stunted, as discovered by woman in foreign city (10)
Raw (green) + alpin(e) + Di giving a city

20a Such may be the energy with which set embraces alternative mum (10)
Geal (set / congeal) around an anagram of mother

Gel (set) around “other ma” (alternative mum) giving a form of energy

26a Plant fares badly when dumped in car’s rear compartment (5,4)
An anagram of fares inside boot

28a The old way lonesome ‘uman keeps home with short grass (6,6)
I liked this one – (h)ermit (lonesome (h)uman) around nest (home) and ree(d) (short grass) giving the name of a Roman road that ran from London to Lincoln and York

And now here are the down hints:

2d Formulae for working out site where hot gases will emerge (8 )
An anagram of formulae

3d Member of old empire housed in plain castle (4)
Easy hidden words like this can get you started!!

4d I go to the Government after someone dies (6,4)
The last tax that you ever pay

6d Coins given label in treasury (7)
Stretching the definition a bit to use mine as a synonym for treasury

7d Sexual pervert in police car, terribly hard to keep in (12)
Perversion seems to be today’s theme (see 16 across) – this is an anagram of “police car in hard

8d Prisoner’s expression of surprise in meeting for discussion (6)
This prisoner is a POW, not the usual con or lag!

11d It’s controversial, bringing in soldiers? It’s scandalous! (12)
Disputable (controversial) with RE (soldiers) inside

14d Row about good sporting items for someone who needs them (5,5)
Arguably the world’s top golfer

21d Old-fashioned dandy has married actress Jane (6)
The actress is actually married to Gerald Scarfe

22d American genius for making end of game uplifting (6)
The sporting term is said by the referee at the end of a rugby match (and then reversed – note the correct use of uplifting for a down clue)

Feel free to ask about any other clues, or to disagree with my analysis!!

4 comments on “Toughie No 88

  1. 5d – Bill’s comment about phoney diamonds (6) N?T?C?

    I get NOTE (comment) about AC (bill) giving NOTACE, which seems to be a Czechoslovakian prefix, but not phoney diamonds. Alternatively it could NOT (?) + ICE (diamonds) giving NOTICE which could be a bill.

    I don’t know which is correct.

  2. It’s definitely the second one, John. Bill is allegedly saying that they are “not ice”. Glad to see that you’re a regular now!! :-)

  3. Hi Big Dave, thanks for the invite and the hints, I will look in regularly if that’s o.k.

  4. The more, the merrier. It’s nice to know that someone is actually reading what you write. :-)

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