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Daily Telegraph Cryptic 25792 – 5 Dec 08

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Again, the top left hand corner of the puzzle eludes me, but the rest seems straighforward enough…

Plenty of anagrams, like 15 Across, 22 Across, 27 Across, 17 Down among others.

So let’s look at the Across clues:

11. The woman interrupting the Queen somewhere in Surrey (5)

The Queen is almost always ‘ER’ (Elizabeth Rex). The woman ‘she’ is interrupting here, ie. inside. E-SHE-R. Esher is somewhere in Surrey.

13. No payment required for nurse? That makes one relaxed.

The nurse is gratis? Care? Free? Carefree.

15. Untidiest star upsetting film company (6,7)

Upsetting almost always indicates an anagram. Rearrange Untidiest Star and you get United Artists.

22. Going mad slay nine idiotically (8)

Not sure which of these parts is the anagram indicator and which is the clue. Either way, it’s an anagram of slay nine = insanely.

26. Sun journalist in crude building (5)

Sun is ‘s’. Journalist is ‘hack’. S-hack is a crude building.

27. Great side falling apart – terrible things happening (9)

Yes, another anagram. ‘Great side’ is falling apart and makes ‘Tragedies’

28. Girl is making a comeback – Ms Miller (6)

Celebrity references in DT crosswords always seem a little desperate and vulgar to men. Ms Miller is Sienna. Which is a also ‘Anne is’ backwards (the girl is making a comeback. ie. reversed)

Across answers that I think are right but not sure exactly why…

5 Across is ‘Scamps’.

18 Across is ‘Time Consuming’.

23 Across is ‘Accept’ – no idea what this ‘super gym’ is all about.

29. Across might be Princess, but not sure at all.

Here are some Down solutions…7. One = I. And it goes into an excited/anagrammed ‘Ashram’. A greeting is ‘hi’. So Mahar-i-s-hi, which is a hindu religious leader.

8. Son = s. A theological statement is a creed. S-Creed.

10. Old flame = ex. Not being sincere is acting. Ex-acting.

14. A weapon is a lance. Your fate is you ‘lot’ (in life). Lancelot.

16. ‘In’ often remains as ‘in’. An important match is a Test. ‘Starts to’ indicates first letters of ‘appear totally exhauted’ = ate. In-Test-Ate. Lacking a will.

19. Man-i-kin. No entirely sure about why the ‘i-kin’ is there, but it is…

20. Article is a word like ‘the’, ‘a’ or ‘an’. This is ‘an’ And it’s ‘sat on’ by a relation – Uncle. Uncle-an. Unclean.

21. The wife is the Missus, I think. Miss-US.

I’m not sure about 6 Down, which is probably ‘chewers’. (C-hewers)

Reproduced from the Crossword Ends in Violence site by kind permission of James Cary


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