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Daily Telegraph Cryptic 25791 – 4 Dec 08

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Avid crosswords are fans of certain crossword-setters. Whilst others have a nemesis. I’m not sure I’m ever going to be friends with Thursday’s DT crossword-setters. There’s something about the clues that don’t quite come together – and there are some clues where I’m not even sure that the answer is right. Here is a case in point:

24 Across: All but match something to wear (7)

When I can to this clue, I had it beginning with N, and possible ending in E. And a T in there. N—-T-E. Necktie? That’s something you where. And there’s a link between ‘tie’ and ‘match’. If you’re not sure, though, always good to try and complete the other clues. So then I looked at 22 Down.

22 Down: Soldiers welcome a good storm (4)

It feels like it’s going to mean storm: Gale? Soldiers can be ‘GI’. Welcome implies that the soldiers have letters inside them. ‘A good’. A = A. Good = G. So who are these soldiers? Let’s look at 21 Across:

21 Across: Quiet desire to clean up (5)

Quiet = p (for ‘piano’ in music). Desire = urge. PURGE is clean up.

So 22 down begins in ‘R’. RAG-? Rage = storm. (if you must) So the soldiers are RE. Royal Engineers?

So 24 across has a G in it. N-G-T-E. Nightie? Presumably it is. All but = nigh? Does ‘all but’ really mean ‘nigh’? Match = tie. Nightie. Somehow, this doesn’t make me happy or confident.

See below for more of today’s solutions that I’m still not entirely sure about:

Across clues

7. Footage: Pay = foot; get on=age. Filming. (except filming isn’t footage. You get footage as a result of filming. Tut.)

10. Atrocious: Which is ‘terrible. Actor went to pieces is an anagram of ‘actor’ = Atroc. Evidence of debts = IOUs. Atrocious.

11. Terse: It’s in ‘winter season’. Terse = short.

12. Highs: Is this really the best clue this setter could think of?

13. Impartial: One = I; Penny = p – which goes into ‘marital’ dispute. And anagram of marital with a p in it is mpartial. Impartial.

15. Name Tag: Call is name. No idea about the tag. But a ‘name tag’ is a sign of identification.

18: Husbandry: Man of the house = husband. ready outside = ry. Farming is husbandry (it isn’t, really, but we’ll let that one pass).

23: Au Naturel: It’s an anagram of ‘a’ and ‘neutral’ indicated by ‘fashionable and’, which isn’t very satisfactory, if you ask me. But you probably didn’t…

25: Triceps: Church = CE (Church of England, gawd bless here). Excursions are ‘trips’. TRI-CE-PS.

Down clues

1. Board Games: Really can’t see why the answer shouldn’t be Board Rooms, as that’s what the clue seems to indicate. But it can’t be because of the across solutions.

3. Deposing: Anagram of ‘dogs pine’

7. You really should be able to get this one! (especially with the across clues filled in)

9. High tars are apparently Smelling Salts.

16. Travesty: Endeavour = try. Try covers a waistcoat = a vest. tr-a vest-y. The setter seems to think a travesty is a farce. It isn’t really.

17. Hooray for a decent clue! “Set on by a” is an anagram (poorly indicated by the word ‘group’ IMHO), but they are armed with the answer to the anagram = bayonets.

19. I presume the answer is drakes = ducks. Can’t for the life of me work out what ‘famous bowler finally bats’ is.

20. You can work this one out, but dry = TT, which is an abbreviation for Teetotal.

One comment

  1. Does ‘all but’ really mean ‘nigh’?

    Maybe, in the usage ‘nigh on twelve o’ clock’ meaning ‘almost exactly 12 o’colck’

    by Cathy December 4, 2008 at 1:07 pm

Reproduced from the Crossword Ends in Violence site by kind permission of James Cary


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