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Daily Telegraph Cryptic 25790 – 3 Dec 08

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Lots of fun in today’s DT cryptic 25790. Let’s start with a new kind of clue:

Clue-type 5 – Initials

I’m not a fan of these clues, as they seem a bit lame – but here is one in today’s DT:

28 Across: Starters in classy hotel elegantly fashioned – by him.

It’s actually a nice clue, as it’s clever and more than just initials. And the ‘surface reading’ is helpful, rather than distracting. Of course, we don’t know any of this until we actually find the answer, so how did I do that? Start at the start of the clue. ‘Starters?’ Could be first letter of ‘classy hotel elegantly fashioned’ – chef. Aha. And of course, starters are elegantly fashioned by him, as he’s a chef.

Here are some other solutions from today’s DT 25790 (well, most as I’m feeling pleased I’ve done most of them):

Across clues:

8. Old man – pa + in. Agony = pa-in.

10. One making jokes is a punster. But he’s heartless. Remove the middle letter. punter = client.

13. Careless often indicates anagram. talk hit learning = lateral thinking which is innovative mental activity.

20. This clue isn’t quite accurate, but that’s the DT for you. Punish = whipper. photgraphers are snappers. Presumptuous young things are whippersnappers.

23. ‘spilt’ can be an anagram. Teenager = green tea, a healthy drink.

25. rubbish = tat. As well = too. A military display is a tattoo.

26. ‘Boy’ often means boy’s name, and you just have to guess. Normally you work out the answer and then realise the name is there. Orchard’s entrance is ‘o’. (another initial) before that is an ‘at’. So it ends in ‘ato’? Fruit. Tomato, is technically, yes, a fruit. The ‘boy’ is Tom.

Down clues:

1. I spend a while getting this wrong. I thought Time would be ‘t’ and that the letter would be inserted into the name of a river. eg. Tamar, Seine. Setine? Tatmar? Nope. The river is Cam. The time is Era. Camera is the source of photos.

2. I like this clue. Hated? Loathed? Set of articles. Small words like ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’. In fact, that’s it. AN-A-THE plus the scholar (MA) = anathema.

5. An anagram of Arrange PR Prints. Sparring partner

6. The woman is another name. (like boy). Nora. She’s wearing ‘a’. And a grand is ‘k’. Anorak. A coat.

18. Not entirely sure why, but the answer is Lipstick.

21. ‘Sailor’ appears a lot because it has handy abbreviates. PO – Petty Officer. Or ‘Tar’ (informal word for sailor). And here’s another. AB. Able seaman. Preferred is ‘pref’ – which is an acceptable abbreviation. But it’s ‘first’. It starts the solution. And goes before the sailed. Pref-Ab. Prefab (a type of cheap house).

Hope those help. At least fill them in and look clever at the office or the cafe. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks and the three letters words. I think 9 across is SOS, but I’m not sure…

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  1. Dear James,
    Wishing you well for series 3. I went to Bletchley the other day and began to get an understanding of the extraordinary work that went on there. Don’t know why they spend all the money on the house. My ma-in-law was in Hut 14, decoding messages from Holland. She told me and then said she had never spoken to anyone about it before, even her husband.
    I spoke to John Bartlett who’s still interested in pitching it for telly, depending on how things go next outing. I think it could be a runner, look forward to seeing what you come up with. No pressure.
    All the best
    by Robert Bathurst February 4, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Reproduced from the Crossword Ends in Violence site by kind permission of James Cary


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